I failed, but I feel blessed to be a part of this.

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I feel like a failure for only getting halfway, especially given I was on course for a while, but I'm also proud of what I did manage to achieve.

However, I really need to say that the community on here is just amazing. There are so many wonderful, supportive people. And the talent! Oh my good lord. So much amazing music. What a fantastic thing 50/90 is.

I hit 28 songs, which is actually 3 more than my goal of 25. I would not call what you did a failure -- congrats!

@SimonWaldram you got 4 more than me and I consider my 50/90 to be quite successful! The numbers are arbitrary...the point is to write some songs and have some fun!

Do you do FAWM in February? If not you should! It is 50/90 on steroids with about 10 times more people and it only goes 28 days! I prefer the frantic FAWM experience!

FAWM definitely gets the panic monster going. Only 28 days really helps sharpen the focus.

@SimonWaldram Thank you for being part of this community! You made some awesome music this year!

Not a failure at all - I've never made 50 songs - My 34 songs this go round ties my record!

Only halfway? Ummmm, most folks I know who call themselves songwriters IRL write one song per month or less. I'd say that 25 songs or so in three months is quite an achievement!

My first 50/90 turned out to be a 5/90, so anything over that (for me) is a success!

I couldn't have been more pleased, not with my final count, which looked like 65, but was actually maybe 55 or so new lyrics. Out of those 65, I saw 17 lyrics become songs... and what pleased me the most was that 10 of those 17 songs were collaborations with people I never worked with before... and that, for me was the best part - to add to the ever-growing list of people I can call friends.

There is no such thing as failure in 5090 or FAWM is there? If your wrote one new song that is one more song than you had before; if you made one new connection with someone, that is one more connection than you had before; if you were touched or moved by any new music you heard or lyrics you read, you have experienced something you have not experienced before. So there are no failures here. Only new music, old and new friends and connections, and new experiences. That is one of the reasons that this is such a great space. I am so inspired by all of the hard working talented writers, artists, and musicians; I am so very grateful for all of the kindness of friends and connections old and new; and I am so awed and moved by the songs that made me feel something new. I fell like a winner just being part of this awesome community. With humble appreciation and gratitude to you all. You are all winners in my mind trophy or not.