I Can See Clearly Now

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SAFELY COVERED: Hopefulness...hopefulness...hopefulness...




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This is a captivating version...not sure it exudes hopefulness though. To me it has an ironic, post-apocalyptic, last-man-left-on-earth feel to it. Haunting and dissonant. But then again I'm in the U.S. and literally everything feels that way right now.

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Thank you and yes...the idea was to sound totally marooned but still clinging on to some vague hope of rescue...I was actually thinking of what's happening in the States when I chose the song and the way to approach doing it...I wish you well and hopefully some kind of brighter sunshiny day....

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The hollow echo is a cool effect. Like singing this song in a deep canyon or something.

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Thanks again Alex...in order to give the impression of isolation and hanging on to a slither of hope...I was singing from the deep canyon of my echo effect! Smile

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Wow! This blows the original away IMO, I was never all that fond of it. This feels real. I tip my hat sir! This is excellent! the really sparse and subtle instrumentation just really puts a point on this. I fully agree with the above comments as well, and it really comes across as someone genuinely trying to convince themselves yeah it's gonna be alright. Really loved this! Nice delay echo too I'm quite a connoisseur Biggrin was this a plug-in? sounds nice and analog if so, I can usually tell and narrow it down to between 2 or 3 different pedals, but not this time Biggrin

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Cheers! I really appreciate what say in your response...very good of you. I kept everything fairly sparse so I could use the echo effect afterwards without everything clashing too much and gauge it to work between the lines and yes it was analog... Smile

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Yeah it was excellently done! Had to give this one another listen or two Biggrin I've had wayyyy more success with analog delays, the only digital one I've really liked was that green line 6 one, DL-4? I think, but it had so many bells and whistles was like learning another instrument, I sold it pretty quickly after buying one hahah. Unless you can find a setting and stick with it and stay on meter which you did wonderfully here.......I'm more impressed after further listen.......... the only drawback is getting that wahhhhhuuurgggggzzzzzz while twisting knobs, which I actually adore and usually spend hours just playing with that and terrorizing the animals and anyone unlucky enough to be in earshot Biggrin

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Whoa, very nice. The sparse arrangement and echoing vocals are dreamy, mellow, and, yes, hopeful. Like watching the sunrise after a long, hard night. Wonderful harmonies. I think I like this reimagined version better than the original, too.

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Well...that's such a lovely comment...thank you so much!

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you have turned a corny song into a profound echo of hope in a canyon of despair. thank you for another season of inspiring music.