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So, have you heard that the country / pop group formerly known as “The Dixie Chicks” have changed their name to “The Chicks”? Me too.

Except see, when I heard about that I immediately went to the government copyright office to see if there was a copyright on the name “The Dixie Chicks” (there’s not) and I checked ALL streaming platforms for “The Dixie Chicks” and they ALL reroute to “The Chicks”.

So, I signed up for DistroKid (usually a Tunecore user) and there I was at that moment and I put in “The Dixie Chicks” and it returned NO RESULTS.

So I did a quick spoken word comedy recording and distributed it.

So I am now NuJ4X AND The Dixie Chicks! I think I might parody their entire discography and make it all about Dixie brand paper cups Smile

Great idea! Biggrin

I saw about it on the twitter feed the other day. Now, if you set up a website and claim a domain name of that nature, you could confuse some people... Wink When they hear referenced to paper cups, they'll be like... "???"

Of course I want a signed paper cup for my troubles of sharing this idea - should you use it Smile

Gave me a chuckle - thanks for the laugh!

I have a longing for paper cup songs now. Parody discog sounds like a big project, but would wanna hear anything should you do create related material to this!!

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Careful! You might really irritate that Solo brand cup crowd and start even more dissension Smile

That is a total scream. Biggrin Biggrin Biggrin

I am saddened to report that DK kicked my release as "The DIxie Chicks" because iTunes and Spotify had a FIT. LOL

It was worth a shot tho...but looks like I just gotta stay as NuJ4X Biggrin

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@NuJ4X That sucks........you could fight it, you are the legal holder of the name now, but probably just tons of headache, but then there's also that free publicity Wink