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Here's the story of how it happened. Being woefully behind on song count, I decided to participate in as much as possible of the strung-out superskirmish.

My first skirmish's prompt was SMOKE. My first thought was actually of a steampunk costume concept I have, where people who wish to be sneaky might run around on the rooftops disguised as puffs of steam/smoke. So I began writing about the environment where such folks might be found (or more to the point, not), an eternally smoke-shrouded London. I also took a quick trip to Wikipedia to check the date of the Big Smoke (well after the Victorian era, alas) and learned that one of its causes was an anticyclone.

My second skirmish's prompt was DRIFT. The first line that came to mind was "do you catch my drift", which, okay, boring. Then I made it "do you catch my drifting leaves". So in the same vein I wrote "gotta catch a train/gotta catch a train of thought". I started writing about "wind whistling in the eaves", "cracked windowpane", "spinning weathervane" - all dictated by the rhymes. I found myself going back to the Wikipedia pages for "cyclone" and "anticyclone" from earlier.

My third skirmish's prompt was WINDOW. Suggested bonus words: Screen, Open, Shut, Broken. I immediately spotted the near-rhyme and thought "is a window open/if it's shut but broken". I also thought of the old phrase "when God closes a door, he opens a window", which I had always associated with an air pressure differential. So I looked up whether you're supposed to close or open windows during a windstorm. Throwing in "typhoon" at the end was a last-minute decision because I felt uncomfortable with there being no rhyme for "soon". And a quick check confirmed that a typhoon was technically a kind of cyclone (I didn't know anything about them before except a vague idea that the difference between a tornado and a hurricane was that one was over land and the other over water - I come from a part of the world known for *earthquakes*).

So at this point, this was a THING. I tagged them [#cyclone cycle] (how do you link to tags with spaces in them?) and continued skirmishing with the conscious intention of incorporating the word/theme "twister", "hurricane", or "tornado" into the next one. Which I did. Then I did a lot more research, so I now have a much longer list to choose from (I particularly like "steam devil"). And the cyclone cycle continues.

That's awesome how that sometimes works out. Whatever spurs the creativity onward, I say!

Hooray for the cyclone cycle!

Great idea!

Final count for Cyclone Cycle songs written during 50/90 is 16 (I have about five more in progress). Here is a direct link, since hashtagging it didn't work out: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/tags/cyclone-cycle