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When I wrote my 2019 bio right before we started, I stated that I thought it would be a very banjo-centric 50/90 for me. And it started out that way - my first six non-skirmish songs had banjo in them.
Then my daughter got interested in the ukulele, so I showed her a few chords, and I kept it out the rest of 50/90.
Later, I got out the mandolin, which I hadn't touched since last summer, for a few tunes. I'm even thinking now that mandolin could be my bluegrass go-to instrument even more than banjo!
Other instruments appeared - tongue drum, keyboard (including the Withrow family piano that's at my sister's house in Ohio), cookie-tin slide, harmonium. The only instrument I didn't use is my tin whistle, which I really struggle with, but I did use it last year. Maybe I'll get it out for some simple Christmas music.
Until early September, I was on a pace for 90 songs in 90 days, but I cooled off some. Still finished with an all-time high 78. 18 skirmishes and 7 collabs were probably highs, too. I'd like to do more collabs, actually, but I always shoot for 50 solo demos and just find it much easier to write for and by myself. Each collab was a delight, though.
I came up with at least 10 songs that could be performable within a yoga/kirtan environment, which is something I'm considering getting back into.
I did only three songs in Spanish, though - I think last year I did more. It's a language I've been studying for four or so years. I still hesitate to use it much, even though I'm often around Spanish speakers.
Overall, a very successful 50/90 - including in the comments given department, and I'm still cranking those out!
Did you do what you thought you'd do?

I didn't get as many songs as usual done (which sounds dumb but yeah) and I felt like I had a really off 50/90, especially with regards to my personal goal working on the "sings the periodic table" project. But I did make a few pretty good songs.

I barely scraped by with 40 lyrics in 90 days.

In the beginning I think i was dropping off a bit of feedback and encouraging folks and then I started writing. or for every song i wrote, i tried to leave 5 feedbacks (karma etc). I even had something like 50-60 titles written down, but this year, the challenge felt like a chore / obligation rather than a fun creativity fest.

I struggled to write anything happy and fun, for some reason a lot of my songs were quite dark. Not sure if this is something that comes naturally to me OR whether I was putting too much pressure on myself to write "good" songs. Later I started to think and feel as if all my songs were the same. So i stopped for a while as work got in the way and the flow just wasn't happening. had lots of good ideas but couldn't articulate them very well for some reason. I also had a weekly then fortnightly real world co-write and felt guilty that I wasn't focussing on that work appropriately when they were genuinely wanting to co-write with me.

There wasn't too much life stuff going on, (unlike other years) but i think i just put too much expectation on myself ("this is gonna be a breeze") but what surprised me the most, was when I conceded defeat at 25 songs, (and put the announcement on fb) so many of my friends told me to keep going, don't give up, we believe in you and that gave me a second wind. something like 13 songs in 4 days - Next time I WON'T make such a public declaration as I wanted to wallow in self pity LOL

I owe a huge debt to Cindy, Kahalo and Metalfoot for their feedback, even though, I never thanked them, returned the favour etc during 5090 (i feel like a piece of shit and hope to review their work over the australian long weekend). How some folks managed to write 200+ songs I'll never know / understand

I wasn't sure if I would get to 50 this year but the change in writing point of view, along with frequent skirmishes, spurred me along. Still one of my lower quantity years but I feel good about the quality of the writing (recording not so much, that is a project for later) for the body of work.

I won. 21 songs posted. This spring I took two intense music teaching courses which sucked up all my time, energy and practice time. I ended the school year even more exhausted than usual. This year 5090 was about ME time. I wrote several solid songs which I need to revisit and develop further. And I managed to recharge my batteries. I'm feeling in a pretty good place artistically right now.

I intended to actually write songs with lyrics more this year.
I did not do this.
@Chip Withrow - you perform live during yoga sessions? If so, that's interesting; kinda cool.

Well, I finished up with 16 songs, which is fine by me.
I focused on quality versus quantity this year.
I also did four or five spoken word things, which are actually kinda difficult to assemble but I am very happy with.
I was also able to give over 400 comments, which is always my minimum goal for number of comments given during 50/90.

So overall, I'm quite happy with my summer. :).

We hit 5089 songs last year (*so* close), so it looks like everyone, on average, was down 20% on last year.

As for me personally, life came at me from all sides, and I never felt I was quite able to "close the door" to everything that was going on and find myself a sanctuary in which I could pause and devote my full attention to songwriting.

I hit my 50 with about 4 days to spare but I tell you what... getting the last 4 or 5 songs together was really, really hard

I didn't plan to do 50 so came as a surprise I have. I wasn't going to sing for posted demos but ended up singing. Was going to do more music with synths but had my trusty acoustic upright piano too. I had a good time overall and I'm looking forward to hearing and reading more songs and lyrics. Not participating in rock October as my ideas are not similar to the sense of it. I would do cover on Bach if participated but I think I would get carried away and it won't be what is expected. Wishing everyone a happy and productive Autumn Smile

Didn't really do much after I finished my double album. I had no extra bits or anything this time, and I dropped off in comments. I was doing okay than sometime in July I just stopped and didn't keep up with anything. So this year was more of a miss. I intend to make some songs for Rocktober though and in general take it easy with my music so I can have some time to come up with better new ideas and ways of doing things.

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I wanted to see if I had enough ideas, drive and determination to actually complete 50 songs. I did it. I also wanted to give over 100 comments. I did that as well. I am pleased with my results for this 50/90. I am thankful to everyone who took the time to listen and collaborate with me. I also want to thank all the folks behind the scenes to make all of this happen. Again, thank you so much.