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Well, we've made it. It's the last day of the challenge. So... Anything you are especially proud of? Anything you wish you could have gotten to? Are you happy with the 50/90? Are you sad it's over? Relieved?

How did you do?

I still have one project I wish I had time to do but it's not urgent -- seems silly to complain with a three-digit-number of songs on my profile! I am, however, quite proud of the fact that I finished my goal of doing a mega-song. Very proud of my Jonah suite. 49:45 and it even kind of holds together!

Even though my calendar shows Oct 2, looks like I could still post a new song for a while if I wanted to. But I won't - I got to 60.
I'm going to hang around at least until I get to 300 comments given - maybe longer if others will hang out with me.
I have enough musical ideas to work on that I'm not sad. It will take a few days to get out of that mode when everything around me gives me a song idea.
I should go back and look at the list of 50/90 titles I created before July 4. I doubt I used more than a half dozen of them. So now I probably have 30+ song ideas/titles that I probably won't use for FAWM either.

I did alright.

I would've wanted to do two more songs proper as I have only 48 recordings and 2 lyrics only, but I feel after my lackluster and tired output in September it was time for a music recording break. July and August where great though, a lot of a fun, a good summer and songs to reflect that. It really was an excellent summer for me and it's cool that 50/90 was there. My music captured a lot of those feelings for me and it was fun. I did many songs I am quite happy with, stuff like Grandma's Vacation To Cuba and Yohane's Gothic Dawn. Among my best tunes to date. So the first album I made of these songs, Aesthetic is a fun one.

It was cool to listen to people's songs also but I got way lazy in September and slowed right down. Still managed 310 comments. Haven't had the right mood to listen recently, my last set of songs was one long mistake that I took too long to realize, and I don't know. The first two months where great though and overall I did better then I thought I would. My song run from #19 to #32 I am very much happy with. I said Nico Is A Skate Punk was my best in another thread, but the one song of mine to sum up my 50/90 2017 has to be...

Thank you everyone who checked out my songs! I got lazy and didn't pay it back with many of you, but maybe I will? Who knows, next FAWM awaits...

Due to my craziest summer in recent years, I am only now about to hit 200 comments given! On the writing side I got 2 collabs and 18 solos but 16 of the solos were from skirmishes so without skirmishes I'd have very few new songs! As for the community I enjoyed so many forum conversations and learned a lot about various things! And now there is Rocktober and Album Production Month to focus on! A pretty terrific musical summer!

My favorite of my songs has to be a tossup between the two non-skirmish songs that received full production,

Hold On (With Every Thing You've Got)

All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)

5 songs, about 3.5 of which I'm pretty happy about. Time to start building that album Smile

261 songs I can Hardly believe it I was scared to join becourse I thought I could Never pass the 50 but with you guys and all encouragement and Love I suprised myself and I feel very Proud of being a part of This community .

I got to 39 songs,
I'm more than happy with that,
I didn't expect to even get to 10 songs,
I had three short vacations during the 50/90
I'm pretty sure i could of completed it if i hadn't had to take vacations.
I'm very pleased this 50/90 has helped to motivate and inspire me,
I would like to say thanks to everyone!
I'm looking forward to Fawm in Feb

I'm finally learning to let go and enjoy writing for the sake of writing. This is reflected in my output, if not my quality. That would have bothered me a few years ago but now doesn't. I think this is healthy.

Darn proud of my little pixellated trophy there - got to my goal of 50 solo demos on this my first 50/90. Haven't even done FAWM before, and only a few months back I would've thought this was impossible. Pretty happy with the ratio of good/workable songs to utterly embarrassing ones Wink Surprised myself with a couple of reasonable ones even at the end when I thought the bottom of the barrel was well and truly scraped. 422 comments given to 281 received, not a bad ratio either, and I intend to do some more listening.

It's heading to spring and summer here so I'm a bit relieved 50/90 is over and I can feed the muse with reading and going for walks and not staring down the blank page Wink But this has been the most protracted creative effort of my life and I'm so glad I did it. Thanks for the inspiration and support, Team 50/90.

I had a great 50/90. Some stats:

69 Songs (all with demos. I wrote a lyric or two that didn't get posted, but I'm okay with that.)
26 Collabs (And at least two with everyone I collab'd with.)
631 comments (as of close of 50/90) vs.
426 received (which is a dang lot, I'm lucky.)

The site currently says 5151 songs in total, but it's been closed for a bit, so I don't know if that was the high water mark. Cool if it is.

And umm... I had a mostly good experience. I'm sad that a particular friend and 50/90 participant felt left out and reacted in a way that alienated some other participants. I felt my share of frustration. Some cool songs. Some more to add to the 'that's okay at best' pile. Some cool memories. Some missed opportunities. You know, the usual.

Now I'm off to start on the Album Production Challenge. Gotta record an album by December 1st. Pre-production here I come.

I made my personal goal of 90 last week and kinda stopped to breathe. Pretty happy about the work and planning to polish up my absolute favorites. I think I'll take up the blogosphere's challenge of creating a new national anthem. I have ideas. Will be on my YouTube channel once it's done.

I made it to 30, most of which I'm really pleased with, and I completed my personal challenge of using every instrument that I own (although the last two are hidden away in a locked song that will hopefully become a belated collaboration). Heard a lot of good music, left plenty of comments.

I decided not to take part in corpses / morphs / skirmishes this time around and while I think that resulted in more "keepers", it did feel like I missed out on some fun. I also didn't collaborate as much as usual which had the same pros and cons (although I'm incredibly proud of the collabs I did do!)
Shame the four-track collaborations never got started this summer as I love those.

Overall, a good one! I felt totally exhausted yesterday but I'm looking forward to a chilled-out October with no pressure and then starting something new in November for NaSoAlMo...

91 posted - Third time achieving a song a day and was more than I anticipated doing this year, especially with Irmainterruption for two weeks. Need to evaluate to see how many keepers there are. There are some I already forgot about.
41 skirmishes - Surprised by this number. They are just so much fun!
25 collaborations - With 17 different writers. Surprised by this number since this year I did not ask as many people. Collaboration here is most validating and what I am most proud of.
524 comments given - I'm sure there are some unreturned comments and the number will be higher soon.
519 comments received - I am blown away with 5090 people for that many listens.
My original theme ideas seemed to get consumed in the cyclone. However, thanks to other writing groups like FAWM, NaSoAlMo, Song Skirmish, GYAWS, The Fearless Songwriter, songwriting is never really over and its good to have more to write about. That said this was a special 5090 for me Smile

I’m utterly shocked that I made it to 50. My last 50/90 attempt was years ago and I think I did 5. It took a lot out of me though. I wasn’t even planning on doing any ‘proper’ songs due to dysphoria about my voice, but I got carried away.

That said I’m happy with how everything turned out other than my commenting! Will attempt to rectify the latter in October

It's always interesting to me to read about the number of songs people consider keepers compared to total output. I suppose I'm in the minority in that I consider almost every song a keeper - I may later forget I even wrote the song, but in the moment I like just about every song I write. I can only think of one song that I wrote just to be done with it and add another tally to the count.
A few were done more as exercises - like to shake the dust off my banjo, or to write one with slide guitar as the only instrument. But I was pleased with the end result. And a few might have to be really reworked if I ever wanted to perform them (which means they will probably never be reworked at all, because I have plenty of others to perform).
I did a few collabs, and it would be up to my partner if those were keepers, I suppose.
If I had to choose 3-4 of my current batch for an open mic, I'd have a hard time doing so.

I'm with Chip. Generally I like most of my songs in the moment, and it is rare that I write something deliberately not-worth-keeping. But time and inertia will show which songs are memorable, I suppose.

The keepers discussion is interesting...I too feel that in the moment each song is a keeper, otherwise how could I put in the amount of effort required to translate it from my brain to the digital files? However with time and some distance from my tracks, and as that new song glow fades, it becomes clearer to me, at least, which of my songs I *believe* are objectively good (as opposed to subjectively good).

Whether or not those songs *ARE* objectively good is another matter entirely, but I at least know by then which ones *I* think are the best Biggrin

This is separate from whether or not I think the song has VALUE, which the act of creating provides more than enough value in itself, and I think every song has worth from just that. I would define "keeper" for me to mean a song that I personally think is better than my average output, lyrically, musically, or both. I think other folks will feel differently about it, though.

I did 18 collabs!!! Wow! Made over 500 comments on other people's songs. Totally socialized here. Made a forum challenge. Hosted a skirmish for the first time ever. And met most of my personal challenges...53 songs total; over 20 of them were my own lyrics/music and the last few have tunes, but weren't posted because of technical problems with Dropbox.

I feel that I am making progress on writing better lyrics and tunes...but I didn't do much this time around to really promote open mics or performances. Maybe later. I had a blast playing around with other people's lyrics!