How do people do the Skirmish when it's happening?

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I've done a couple FAWMs and 50/90 and I don't get how people remember when a Song Skirmish is happening. Any tips from the pros?

@nate.gerry, I just look at the Skirmish thread, and when I see a skirmish that fits my schedule, I add it to my calendar. It mighty be a week ahead or a day ahead, but I rely on my calendar.

Granted, sometimes I just run into it and see it's in an hour from now!

@nate.gerry - they are usually Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday at 3pm Eastern, so adjust that for your particular time zone. The consistencyof these helps me plan ahead for which ones I'll be able to catch, although it's perfectly fine to join in later.

This weekend we are having a superskirmish, which is back-to-back skirmishes starting at 1pm Eastern on Friday, with the last stating at 1pm Eastern on Saturday, so there will be plenty of opportunities to jump in. Hope that helps!

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I usually only happen to catch the superskirmishes myself. Those are easy as a new one starts every two hours.

Sometimes I use alarm on my mobile phone with a label on it "Skirmish".

I think last year was the first time I realized that people set them regularly on Sunday and Wednesday. This year I decided to run one on Mondays. Since the others were at 3PM eastern I decided to set mine up for the same time. I guess I just know now to get ready by 3.

I miss a lot of them too @nate.gerry . Especially when someone does an impromptu skirmish which seems to happen a lot more in FAWM than in 50/90. The skirmishes I usually do see are when the host posts a thread in advance and I check that forum thread. As @vivalarayna mentioned, there will be a lot of those with the superskirmish, and fun side note this thread reminded me to post a thread for the superskirmish hour that I am hosting.

As a second side note, it is also okay to join in and post a skirmish song late or after-the-fact because the idea is to encourage people to write more songs.

Thanks! These tips are helpful Smile