How did you come up with your band/artist name?

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I'm going to be including my partner on some tracks this year, and she's struggling to come up with a name for herself. Mine was pretty easy - I just go by my actual name. She'd rather have a "stage name," though.

Assuming it's not your actual name - How did you come up with your band/artist name?

I've been fascinated by dragons ALL my life (so my dad tells me). And I'm a huge fan of the Anne McCaffrey "Pern" books with titles like "Dragonsong", "Dragonsinger", etc.

"Dragondreams" seemed like the sort of title the late Ms McCaffrey might have used and it felt like it fit nicely. Started using it about a dozen years ago.

A mix of too much alcohol and trying to crack wise.

I once went by Pigfarmer Jr. The story is a long one, but suffice it to say it is hard to get an original email on the free services and both my father and I discovered a solution in (somewhat) humorous fashion.

I took my real name and replaced the first letter of each word with a V for some reason.

A band I used to play in released an album called Goodbye Melody Mountain, I was the main writer of melodies so when I had a falling out with the others, so I ended up choosing the name, even though it's silly. Just stuck, and can't be bothered to come up with something better. And I also like that some people say the name as Empty Melody...

That would be JAmes Michael KARns.

Was looking for another word for dragonfly (which is a bit boring and quite overused) google translate gave me "tutubi" in Tagalog, change spelling, done Wink

(Found out a little late that of course a few people from the Philippines had the same spelling idea (too obvious, obviously), but since Soundcloud, Youtube, etc were available I still went for it)

One of the things about being "online" since the "beginning", -- it was different "then". I have old server names now "located" in Bejing (never been there, or Moscow :)... I am not a collaborator!)

Anyway, as years went by, my real name started to get munged with many things, and some quite funny, on the fly search engine assembly bait for you to click... don't do it!

And combined with, like, -- using fawm as e.g., this, these "fawm" sites are fully Clear Text, pw's are not encrypted (so don't use a real one with a real user name) and WILL be high in search engines hits since so many URL's, and re-posts exist (algorithm of priority, importance.... other, that gets something bumped), --so I try to find a fully unrelated, non-language of any kind "ID".

Combined that with, --I do, or did allot of consulting and was asked if all this other stuff (music) was me, --looked like I had time for little else (much of it very old, pending on how you define "old", in Internet Years?).

Then, combine that with, if you use an ID long enough, it "can" start to get tied to "you" anyway, --so change'em every year or so.

Otherwise, do use your Real Name, -- within this kind of site, with so many re-links, and etc., your name will come up to the top. Also, tags like "music", "performer" and etc. may, might, could bring up your name. More than likely one of those China Servers will load a copy of your music, lock it down over there, and stream it for free without any control by you--be prepared, not might, it will happen. They don't have the copyright mentality we do, over there. Even "Christian" music, is one of the most pirated, -- but, I hear those artists are OK with it. I'd love a piece of 100M Chinese buying my CD though! Anyway... I don't think I'm "big" in China or Russia anyway... Smile

I think ID names are like Nicknames, best picked if given, obtained in real life, --funny how that works. I have a cousin who, for many reasons, I recently called "Pickles"... it stuck and she loves it, that it did. Only special people like me can call her that though!

Remember, once Indexed Online, --it is mostly "forever". However, I would LOVE for old "concert" pics, and the rest from my teens, 20's, 30's even to show up now! Unfortunately, that was pre-internet, "facebook", or even FAWM! Smile

-- Yes, I "used" to be very cool, a legend even, if even in my own mind, LOL... (no, I've had an interesting life, --can't complain)

So, choose carefully, it will be for an internet eternity!

The one that I do most of my solo stuff under (Namestake) was joking with my friends about what would be the Urban Dictionary term for calling out the wrong name in the throes of passion. We came down to Namestake. I really liked how it sounded. Thus the name

I wrote a song about this last year for 50/90 I think! Long story short, I have a metal plate in my foot. But largely use my real name for recording purposes. My kids say they want to make their own band called "It's Not a Play Date."

Neat idea for a thread! Mine is simple. I have a congenital hearing deficiency (I wear hearing a hearing aid at work and when I go to the movies). I love early blues, and many of those artists had some sort of physical affliction contained in their stage moniker, i.e., Blind Lemon Jefferson, Blind Blake, Peg Leg Howell, Sleepy John Estes, etc. My friends used to call me Steever (in place of Stephen).

Hence, Deaf Steever. Smile

The only nickname I've had that I've ever liked, based on my last name.

Pipewrench is the name I inadvertently gave myself when playing in a ska band back in the 90's. I added the 67 because some sites that I joined pipewrench was already taken.

I needed a new name for Songfight. I liked the way "Inflatable Vegetables" sounded. I never planned to stick with it. When I started looking for new cool band names, they were already taken. I use iveg in forums because it's shorter.

It's essentially what's on the birth certificate, with a few extra letters in the surname for great aptness.

Flying Tadpole was a boat. Two, in fact.

I was not a terrific driver in my youth Biggrin

'bong' was a name I came up with in a (sort of) 3D game on Facebook, not worth remembering. I picked 'bong' because I wanted something that resembled a sound. I might as well have picked 'dong,' not being a native English speaker.

Oh, I knew what a bong was, but it was not a part of my active vocabulary.

Anyway, I got quite a lot of attention from the name, which was welcome, so when I decided to go and perform live in Second Life, I kept it, and became bong Crescendo. The rest is history (and pretty boring).

When I was a duo we were Waites and Measures. We were working at the New York Renaissance Faire and I talked about how great it would be to develop a traveling trunk show of instrumental musicians. Civic bands in the renaissance were known as Waites, so it was a play on that. We never got the instrumental group because there were never enough strong instrumental performers.

Currently I go between my regular name and Chanticlaire. Online it's good for me to have a stage name because as a teacher it gives me a bit of anonymity. Chanticlaire comes from the French medieval stock character Chanticleer the Rooster. He was a boastful singer. He was featured in the tales of Le Renard (the Fox). If you've ever seen the Disney Robin Hood, it was pretty much a retelling of Le Renard, and Roger Miller was Chanticleer. Anyway, Chanticleer is already taken... an incredible all male a cappella group, but as far as I know, no one has used Chanticlaire... so now it's mine.

And reading this back I have to say... god I'm a nerd!

My music name is 'Bridge Control'. Coined it when I was 14 - I was (and still am) a massive sci-fi geek, and I liked the idea of having a name to do with ships... Well... Space ships. "Bridge" being the bridge of a ship, of course.

That, and I also really love actual bridges. Love those railroad bridges in rural Ontario, specifically. Hooooo boy.

This is the thread I've been waiting for. Having a name like Bob King has given me endless B.B.King references all my life. Many, many moons ago when I started playing, my best friend Tom Barnes would constantly tell me same thing over and over and over; "Mr. King, If you don't practice, you'll never get the other B." to which I replied: "You mean I'll have to be 1B King?" Long story short, it stuck and I've been 1B for nearly forty years. The artwork came during my first FAWM in 2009 and when Tom died four years ago, I decided to make it permanent and got the tattoo. Somehow it doesn't bother me to never get the other B.

My first name is Michael although I go by my middle name Cody. Originally, when I needed a stage name for the dance-pop career I thought I would have, I was like man that would be epic! I was saying "epic" a lot back then.

So I just decided to slap "Epic" on the end of Michael after a couple weeks of considering it. I then asked a girl I knew who was a real stick in the mud what she thought and she hated it and thought it sounded pompous and full of myself...

So I thought Perfect! That's the one lol

@1B King I love the story of your moniker!

My favorite fairy tale is Sleeping Beauty. - Briar Rose was one of Sleeping Beauty's name - then I played in an online text based multiplayer roleplay dungeons and dragons type game and in game married a Dragon named Boogums McDougal - played by my late husband - So BriarRose McDougal was born. When I started going to sci-fi/fantasy/comic conventions - I used it as my badge name - then I started performing and doing panels, and the name seemed to stick. I signed up to FAWM 2016 with the name brrrse - which caused a whole lotta trouble - and I'm sure there are still people who think I'm just trolling brrrrrrsettes....But When I tried to get an email address for the first time with BriarRose McDougal, in around 2000?, microsoft suggested brrrse454 -

I go between Tasha Parker Gibbs and BriarRose McDougal depending on the genre and the environment.

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I signed up for FAWM on a whim and picked "owl" in about 2 seconds purely because I happened to have just saved that cute owlhat picture in my pictures folder and decided to use it as the profile image. Then I kept FAWMing and felt like it was too late to change it. (I do have an affinity for the creatures, though. A coworker once told me she had read about some burrowing owl and she thought it was my kindred spirit. I also once got called out by a freestyling white rapper at an open mic for being obsessed with owls because I had given our mutual friend a ceramic owl salt and pepper shaker set as a birthday gift that night.)

My birth name is super common, but just rare enough that people don't think of it as being fake. I've been to parties where I wasn't the only person with my name on the guest list. I have also heard of other people using it when they're waiting to be seated and they have a frequently mispronounced name. (There's been someone else owning my birth name's website since the early days of the Internet.)

People think of this as being a bad thing, but it means that any site that makes me use my real name is, in fact, insisting that I be anonymous. When naming my children, I made sure that they would get the same benefits.

Online, I've been "yam655" for ages now. Long enough that when I decided to get a real web presence, I didn't even need to think about what it would be. It was a no-brainer to buy the domain. Originally, it was picked because I like the orange-fleshed sweet potatoes that are called "yams" in the US. I added the "655" because it seemed less silly when paired with a number at the time.

Musically, I am the sole member of "Mr. Beany's Bitty Band". We chose that name because one of our favorite childhood toys was a yellow bean doll named "Mr. Beany". Mr. Beany has had a picture used as the basis of some vector art, and that vector-art version of him is present on most of our albums. It is also the basis of the user image here and at the FAWM site. (The band uses "they (plural)" as the pronoun of choice. There may be more of us in the future, and we don't want to need to revise things later.)