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Twenty one days and some change to go, according to the clock on the front page.

How are you doing? Are you on pace? Have you hit your goals? What do you still want to accomplish?

Think I only need 4 more songs to reach 50 Smile It's been an inspirational blast so far Smile

5 to go! I started strong, but got distracted by having the rehearse for two shows. Today I start making songs again! Smile

Only eight songs to go and I have four or five songs already composed. I've been a little bit ahead of schedule most of the time. I had a very prolific two first months. I'm still demoing some of those songs I made then. Only now my energy and time ( my work started September ) have forced me to a steady pace of "only" three songs a week.

Two things I still would like to accomplish: make one grand full overblown demo for my last song.

I'd also like to even out the given/replied comments ratio. The logic is that if you've given me ten comments and I've given eight back that's good enough for now. But if you've given one or five and I haven't given any back I don't even need my calculator to figure out that it's 100% fail on my part.

Great Challenge so far. I've learned a lot and I want to thank profusely all the lyrics-collaborators and those brave men that made a demo of my lyrics. Couldn't have done it without you! I teetered on the brink of exhaustion once every month because of my ambition to make full sounding demos but I'm taking it easy now.

I can almost see the Light and what a wonderful sight it is!

Just posted my first song... so... maybe not so good, but I did at least get a song finished which is better than none.

I only have 18 songs posted, so I need to catch up a little bit. I recently had a two week vacation and sang a bunch of songs while I was out-and-about, so I've a bunch in the queue. I expect to hit 50, as even when I went slower than I do now, I still regularly hit 50 during FAWM.

I'm super behind on listening to songs, though. It is sad. (I wonder if I can maintain a 10:1 ratio of comments to posted songs for a whole event...)

I hope to hit 20 songs this year. That's my modest goal. I have 4 more gigs this month, so those days won't be days I can spend recording anything. Sometimes an hour in the car to/from a gig is a good time to write some lyrics though.

I've pretty much petered out. I usually have more stamina for this event, but I seemed to have lost motivation these last few weeks. 32 songs written is pretty substantial though, and who knows, motivation for more may be right around the corner. Sadly, I didn't write the types of songs I wanted to, save 1 or 2. Maybe I'll try to do NaSoAlMo and really stick to the plan.

17 days left, 19 songs to write! hahahaha (yes that's a note of hysteria) I'm still going to give it my darndest. I did 6/14 of FAWM in the final weekend before, lol.

Way way behind on commenting, but will try to catch up afterwards. Really appreciate comments from others.

76 songs posted. 1184 comments given.

It's been another year of hard-going for me on the writing front - I don't seem to have anything much to say, which makes coming up with lyrics rather difficult. However, I've still managed a dozen songs so far and had some fun with soundtrack/classical type instrumentals. I've got a backing track that just needs lyrics and maybe a few spot instruments adding that should get posted this weekend. I'll probably get one more done after that before I go on holiday at the end of the month.

14 is not great for 50/90, but it's an album's worth and that's OK by me Smile

I've done exactly nothing except Wilmas & Bettys lol this entire time. I totally missed 50/90 but I've been so crazy busy.

I'm sure I've missed crap tons of amazing songs from you all and I'm sad about that! Luckily for me 50/90 will be up for so long after it ends, I'll still be able to find some time and check it out after the big boom of Wilmas & Bettys has passed lol

Thanks, @tcelliott, for starting this thread - some late in the game motivation!
There are 17 or 18 days left, so those of you with 40 songs are right on pace, by the way.
As for me - up until about two weeks ago, I was doing a song a day. For various work and family reasons (nothing serious, though), I had neither the time nor energy to write, listen, comment and engage much with 50/90.
My goal now is 68 songs - one more than my previous 50/90 best. I'd still like to hit 450 comments given - that's 5 a day. I think that's do-able even though now I'll have to average more like 8 a day.

I'm at about 40 songs, and actually haven't done anything in almost a week. A little less motivated right now,-- i'm close enough, which (since i've 'finished/done 50' many times in the past) feels ok to stop, tho part of me wants to push on as well. the end of the month will be busy with other things, too, so I guess we'll see what happens- tomorrow (when i will have some free time) I'll either write and post a few songs, or if not, .. might not make 'the big push' we'll see! (if anyone wants to help motivate me, jump in! Smile )

I'm having some motivation problems, which is unusual for me as usually I'm still crankin' 'em out at this stage of the game.
I'm finding it hard to sit in the basement making tracks instead of enjoying the last few days of summer (we usually get around nine straight months of cool to very cold weather around here, so every warm day is precious to me).
I've been really concentrating on producing spoken-word stories this summer, and I'm finding it difficult to come up with any more quality ideas. I'm almost out of words. I guess I'll actually have to make some actual music now. Wink
I'm still listening and commenting, however.

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I'm heading into the 9th inning with a A LOT of unfinished tracks. I'm happy to get as far as I have and I really want to get to 50. There might just be some lyrics-only tunes, but that's because I don't really have the time to flesh ideas as I'd like. Plus, there are a few folks I'm desperately trying to get tracks prepped for so I can get those collaborations completed. I'm also trying to get to 400 listens (a new record for yours truly). I'm almost there.

Got 18 and plan on 20, so I'm sure I'll make it. I'm quite happy with that number - I thought at the beginning of 5090 I wouldn't have the gumption to do any!

Back at it tonight after a two week break/vacation from recording although I did some scribbling and commenting. I still have some ideas and some loose ends that may spill over into NaSoAlMo/NaNoWriMo/November.

I've been - still am - rather ill, which means I've not been producing stuff at anything like my usual rate, but I should hit fifty before the weekend.

It's now more or less 14 days til the end of this go-round of 50/90. One motivating way to look at that is it's half a FAWM, and that means plenty of time for 7 more songs!
As for me, I got out my trusty Technics keyboard - it may be 20 years old, but it has some really cool sounds to explore. At least 2 more songs ready to record on that machine, and I'll leave it plugged in to the computer for a few more days before my daughter - currently a bit under the weather - reclaims it.

Doing OK, I guess. I feel like I'm disappointing everyone terribly this time around. Hoping that feeling goes away.