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So now the public library has asked me to be part of the entertainment for the closing of their summer reading club. I didn't ask, and am assuming I won't get paid for the gig but it's the first time anyone's approached *me* to play at something... so yeah.

Fantastic news Alex. So pleased to hear. Congratulations.


Very exciting, Alex! That must feel great! Smile

Rock! Smile

Go Alex!

Congrats, and enjoy!

Congratulations my friend. It's sad that you'll probably not get paid, but sometimes the exposure is all you need.

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Thanks everyone. It's going to be fun compiling a short song list for my live playing purposes. I'm enlisting my kids to help me figure some songs out. Smile

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Very cool!

45 minutes of playing 5 songs (Down By The Bay, The Second-Storey Window, If You're Happy and You Know It, and two of my originals: Bruce the Mosasaur and Lost in a Book) over and over again for a constantly shifting crowd. It was fun. They'll probably ask me to do it again next year.

Gotta love a crowd that self-renews.

Remember to video it; then edit a skip thru for us all later somewhere. You can do a 3 min demo as many of my friends have to do — they compile their last 20 or so gigs (we’ll, not that many) on video with bits of a song to show the song and crowd, proof of venue (not your agenda) — but, it’s a great, fun thing to have on hand.

One recommendation if you do it, “cut” scenes, on beat - a minor detail often overlooked and does make a difference for the viewer. Any film/video should have a rhythm imo, ime — again, if you do it.