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OH Guys would you help me with finding your local characters

I got an idea to develope my roleplaying. We are from so many countries here.
Do you guys know local characters that are often narrated about in your county.

Examples are here
Molly Malone and Albert are often found in Irish songs:

I want to do something like this

And the story of king arthur and Queen Guinevere's love affair with her husband's chief knight


If the are very local please help me by pointing me towards a direction where I can read about them

Stagger Lee comes to mind: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stagger_Lee

Great thanks

Well, my country was colonised after folklore had gone out of fashion, but we talk about this guy a lot:


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Great thank you!

Cool thanks

I live just out of Sleepy Hollow. Used to live in Sleepy Hollow. I'm actually working on a series of songs based on the residents of the cemetery including the inspirations for Katrina VanTassel, Ichabod Crane (who now resides in Ossining where I live), and the headless Hessian soldier. Still, never too many songs about the Headless Horseman. There are plenty of stories around here and I've written a few of them into songs. Planning on doing more in the future.

Cool @katpiercemusic. Maybe do something together?
Thanks for the idea. I will work on it.

The church in the town where I grew up was, apparently, supposed to be in a different nearby village, until a mysterious big cat got involved and kept moving the stones. Sorry here http://www.ghostvillage.com/ghostcommunity/index.php?showtopic=27508 - not a character, as such, but an interesting story.

Thanks Nancy. Here is Paul http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/21579

OH I love it!

Thanks @helen.

@Acousticmaddie, I grew up in Kentucky and the area where I went to high school was home to a legend called The Pope Lick Monster or, simply, Goatman! And this legend still exists today. In fact, back in FAWM 2015 I wrote a song about Goatman,


I would be quite interested if you were inspired to also write a song about Goatman. Because...you cannot have too many Goatman songs! Smile

@johnstaples Great cool. Will DO actually I will try to write about all characters I get here in the tread (great excercise for the head). I just have to read more about them first. Of course we need more stories about the goatman.

@Acousticmaddie, some folks call him Sheepman but HE IS GOATMAN! Biggrin I have visited his railroad trestle many times. Have I seen him? Well, I really shouldn't say too much...



They even made a movie about Goatman...


Cool @johnstaples thanks. I Will try to do him from inside and have to get to know him a bit

I was going to say Paul Bunyan, but @nancyrost already did, so I guess that leaves me with the Michigan Dogman. Smile


More true crime than legend, but here goes;


Cool thanks

Scary and coool thank you

norbert wiener.

This is local to where I live now: The Bunny Man.


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Let me know if you do anything with the Leyland Cat story. There was a verse went with it, I have since remembered:
Here I have placed thee
And here thou shall stand
And though shall be called
The church of Ley-land

But I'm not sure if that's part of the folklore, or something made up by someone at school, though, to be honest...

Thanks @helen for that <3
Yes I am reading about all the legends and yes Iwill tell you when I do Leylands cat.

But for you @johnstaples here is Goatman http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/21668

Thanks I put it up now at http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/21696 thank you @plainwhitetoast

Thank you here is my song aboyt Jesse James @JamKar http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/21730

pictures are kind of silly looking
This might be of interest also-https://www.pinterest.com/explore/folklore/
from all over the place

Louisiana has tons of folklore characters...Ralph Carl pointed one out...most of the old houses will have a story to go with them...some places, et to look up: rip van Winkle gardens, shadows on the tech, Jean lafites treasure, acadiana folklore, evangeline oak, etc...

America has so many ... many become "legends" after the song:


It's about a bridge, and a discussion around the dinner table...

Folks discuss, abstract, makes sense, don't... -- it's a wonder this one survives. Yet, no one turns the radio off if it ever comes on. Maybe it needs a 5090 remake!, for "Rocktober" by someone Smile