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Since we're almost through this year's 50/90, I thought it nice to do a little reflection on what it's meant. What I've/we've learned accomplished. Maybe goals for the future or next year. Interested in others thoughts.

This is only my second 50/90 but it's been nice to make new friends and to connect with old friends that I've known from last year and other songwriting sites. I've been amazed by everyone's creativity.

I've found out what a caring, helpful community is here, as a result of my "whinning". Ha! Thanks to everyone who chimed in. It made me feel so much more connected to this community. Much more personal and not just an email address out there.

I've learned from other's feedback ways to improve as I continue forward down this path.

One very special moment was when @yam655 said he was going to share my "KungFu Kats" with his kids. I can just imagine those little cuties singing it. Things that touch one's heart are precious.

I did more collaborations this year, writing music to other's lyrics and that was special. Hope to do more in the future.

I didn't really set any specific or high goals, except just to write with more quality and not worry about the quantity. I have a busy life with work and other things and can never crank out a song a day, but I try to improve my quality of writing. I think I got 14 songs this time, nothing to crow about, but I did like some of them better than I have in the past. After six years and 300 songs finally starting to like some of them.

Future - just continue to learn, improve and write with better quality. Who knows what the universe has in store? Exciting and motivating.

Thanks to everyone here making this a beautiful place. Love to hear others thoughts.

I "think", it's great you post this for discussion. Some may not "get it"; but it does effect/affect what we do here, and in a great way. I think others try to do it too, but may not do it as others can relate, --so the more, the better.

If nothing else, then, the next time someone see's your ID, they then listen and feel they can speak to you in a relevant, authentic manner and it not be "risky" for doing so in the "onlineguage" cirtical internet world. Anything that facilitates artistic communication can only be a very good thing.

my goal was to write and record two albu,s. i wound up with six. but that wasnt the highlight of the experience. it was the optimism i gaines from listening towellover 1,000 new songs, and hearing the new voices that could, were the opportunity created, revitalize the dead music industry that has turned off s many music lovers who stick to their old tried and true playlists, because it is so hard to find the real new music being created today. i have heard the premieres of more good songs in the last three months than i have in the last five years. . i would like to name the dozen or so artists who have really blown me away, but i am afraid that by doing so i would inadveratly leave somebody noteworthy out, and wouldnt want anyone to feel left out. but iam pretty sure you now who you are. i dont have to search through the files and files of new commercial artists to find one i like anymore.....because i have already found them. they are here. so,in closing, i must say that i got far more out of 50 90 this year than what i had hoped for. and if i were one to give advice to others, i would sya take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to hear what songwriters around the globe are producing at this moment in time. i dont think you will find a beeter place to listen.

Making new friends! Every year there are the reacquantainces with old musical partners and old friends and every year there are new musical buddies to be made. I love 50/90 and like Bill said, there's more good new music here than there is on the radio these days.

The last few years, it's been seeing my growth and the growth of others as songwriters. It's happened a few times where I've said "Wow! You've come really far at doing X." And I'm not at all shy to say I've gotten better at a couple of Xes myself. I used to be very frustrated at not being able to put together and maintain a proper band or even duo. I still am a lot of the time. But this community has helped me through years of music being an individual rather than team sport.