High-fives all around for an excellent 50/90!

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I just won my first 50/90 and was so overjoyed to actually hit the 50 mark with, like, 10 minutes to spare. I didn't think I could do it!


Who else has a victory to share?

Congrats to you!!!

31 songs, my best total ever.

This was an absolutely awesome 50/90. Thanks to everyone (especially @Eric Distad and @Jen Distad

Really happy to have been back here. Thanks for everyone who's engaged with me this 50/90; it's been a meaningful one.


This was my second 50/90 although I've been on a lot of other sites, but I must say this year was fabulous and I think this is the most fun and the best of them all.

First 50 / 90 and it's been a great success. I dipped in the middle but came on strong to get over the finish line. Thanks for the love shown.

Awesome! I set myself a target of 90 and was rapped to get well past it! Everybody was great! Heard so much awesome music!

I had a great first two months and not so good third month. I usually do about 30 demos, this year only 19 and some of those are collab-duplicates. But as a whole 50/90 is always great. And next year is going to be the greatest of all! Smile Hugs and kisses to all you wonderful people!