Here Comes the Sun


Here's a semi-quick take of an old guitar favorite of mine, George Harrison's "Here comes the sun" from the Beatles Abbey Rd album.

This was one of the first songs that I learned on guitar that had a little more then your basic strum-chord-strum thing - when I learned that run (during the 'it's all right' section) I remember this great feeling...

THe usual way I played it back then was just to capo up at the fifth or seventh fret. I decided to do a first track of guitar with no capo, re-learn that 'run' down on the neck, and then do a duet with the capo on five, then overdubbed a quick vocal (and in one spot a small additional vocal overdub)

the whole thing done on the iPhone in garageband, then imported over to audacity for some mastering. Not ideal, and yeah, I could have dragged out the better microphones, etc, but I figured this would convey the idea and the joy of playing this little song, composed 50 years ago in a garden in England...


you know em.. (I think i left out a verse, actually!)




Roddy's picture

Really nice guitars here. Great idea to have two parts. You are right about the run after the 'it's alright' section. It lifts up the whole song.

billwhite51's picture

beautiful guitar work. the picking and strumming interaction works very well, as does the doubling of the licks. your vocal fits nicely into the glorious harmonies. i really enjoyed this listen.

sbs2018's picture

Ah, that was so nice! Made me smile, bringing back so many memories!

Fuzzy's picture

Great clean guitar work here; that little run is especially nice.
Really good front porch jam feeling to this one.
Nice work!

owl's picture

lovely playing! This is a really nice cover, I like the way the two guitars sound, especially that run.

jcollins's picture

Awesome guitar and vocals. Nice job on this Mike.