Help! My "Profile" page is invisible to me!

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Hey @Eric Distad: as the subject line says, my profile page is just a big blank white space; nothing there at all. I've tried on several different browsers (including ones I don't normally use and are just hanging out on my system) and on several different computers, as well as on a couple of mobile devices. I can see everyone else's profile fine when I'm logged in -- only mine is missing.

Notably, when I log out and browse the site as a guest, I *can* see my profile; I only can't when I'm actually logged in as me.

Please help! Thanks!

Interesting. Something on the page is killing the server. It's returning a "500" response and a blank page for me, too.

Hopefully this will mean it is easy to diagnose and resolve for Eric. :/

Mine is currently working fine, for what it's worth.

It looks like the problem started right about when @Mosley left a message on my Soundboard (which I can see by checking "My Mentions") that included my username is brackets (in other words, a square bracket with my username, as if tagging someone in a forum comment). Seems like a normal enough thing to do, but maybe that's the problem (having an "@" link in a soundboard post?). Mosley, if you're able to access my page, can you try deleting that comment? (EDIT: no need to delete now, Mosley; Eric edited the comment to remove the tag, so I'm all set.)

Or @Eric Distad, maybe that's the root of the problem? I'm thinking something on the Soundboard may be the root of the problem in any event, since I can see my profile when I'm not logged in (and so the Soundboard messages are hidden), but apparently its crashing for anyone who would be able to see the Soundboard).

This is a recurring issue at 50/90. if someone tries to tag you on your soundboard it kills your page. Mosley prolly cannot help because he won't be able to see your page. Sad @Eric Distad will have to do it.

Yeah - Sorry about that @OdilonGreen - it's a particularly difficult to fix bug that I haven't been able to get rid of - partly because the soundboard system is a re-purposed module I found and hacked - in order to fix the bug I'd have to rewrite it.

Your page is fixed now.

BTW - Everyone, one fix for it is to turn off the ability to do mentions on Soundboards. Is this something folks would be ok with?

My tendency is to leave it in place, but if the problem becomes widespread, its something we may have to look into.

No problem, and thanks for the super-quick fix, @Eric Distad. You're the best! Biggrin

And yeah, I'd certainly vote for doing away with Soundboard mentions to stop this from happening. It was disconcerting being banished from my summer music home, even if only very briefly!

@Eric Distad I guess I'd vote for turning it off. Seems to me the feature is not worth the cost if it means someone can disable another's soundboard just by tagging them.

Yes, let's just turn the mentions off in soundboard.

I'm for disabling the mention as well. But could you wait a few minutes? I want to go tag some people on their soundboards.

@tcelliott, HA!!!!

Hey @OdilonGreen I changed the comment to not have you tagged...So so so sorry!!!!! I didn't mean to break your page Smile Weird bug, I hope enough people see this thread to know not to tag people on their Soundboards!

Way to go, @Mosley. Breaking stuff before we even get started. This is why we can't have nice things.

OK - I turned mentions off on Soundboards. Hopefully we shouldn't run into any more "blank" profiles.

@johnstaples, you sure are lucky. I was gonna start with you *evil grin*

@Fuzzy Hahahaha