Help, missing the name of a lyricist I did collab with last year

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Last50/90 (2016) I wrote this song
Nothing Left To Prove

I'm considering rerecording it and using it on a future release. But I have completely forgotten the name of the lyricists. And if I wrote it down anywhere I've forgotten where...

I'm 99% the lyricist is a woman, and I belive that she's mainly just writes lyrics.

Ah thanks @Vom Vorton, didn't think of that

Also, something I try to do on all my collabs (and even other songs, sometimes) is add a comment in the ID3 tags. Well, two. On the credits (composers?) tab I list all names and then in the comments I put the names. This is often helpful with the FAWM and 50/90 aliases.

Good advice @tcelliott!

Given the flurry of activity, especially at FAWM, I am really careful to keep track of my collabs. And also important is to keep track of any lyrics I may download for consideration. Some lyricists do not include their name/copyright and a year from now I may have trouble remembering whether I wrote the lyrics or someone else did!!!