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I bought a cigar box guitar which worked perfectly and then I had it shipped home. Acoustically it's fine but when I connect it to an amp there is a really loud buzz. The buzz disappears when I put my hand on the amp - suggesting some sort of earthing problem. I've changed leads and amps but the problem remains. Any suggested solutions would be really appreciated.

I'll be it disappears when you put your hand on another earth, like a radiator for example. You could wire up a mains plug with just the earth wire connected to say a metal plate that you rest your (bare) foot on.

Or you could twine a piece of wire through the strangs beyond the bridge and solder or crimp that to the outside of the jack socket.

All electric guitars have such an earthed bridge. I'm guesing the cigar box builder just left it out ...

Thanks @edwn your suggestion worked perfectly. I can now plug in the instrument and play as long as there is a wire that I can put my foot on. This will be fine for the rest of 50/90.

-- It all looks well handled Smile

What @ustaknow said. Bad wiring can kill you and "making do" with a fault like this is not advisable. Keith Relf of the Yardbirds was electrocuted by faulty guitar wiring. Leslie Harvey of Stone The Crows (and brother of Alex Harvey) was also electrocuted by a mic that wasn't grounded. If you're not happy doing the work yourself, take it to a guitar shop.

What @headfirstonly said - if you can’t sort the problem out, then take it to an expert, as earthing problems can be very dangerous.

The options given should work for sorting the “sound” problem out, but it does need sorting out...

Says me, who probably needs to do similar when I dig out some unused gear! *thinks about the stacks in the garage*