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Guess I'll start for the heartland

@pipewrench67 !!! Hey... how are ya. I'm thinking positively and hoping I actually do something this year. Smile

@ZeCoop, please do something, I would really like to do a collab with you
I have planned to rewrite/finishing the tune I got some drums from you during FAWM, but would be nice to doing something fresh and new

[@mtmelodie] I really do want to write some new stuff... finding the time when it is summer out is always the problem. I am determined, though! I'd definitely love to collaborate on a tune with you too. There's plenty of time, so we can do this! Smile

Hey everyone. *waves* Nice to see some people I know. Imma just hang here by the snacks.

Gee, the midwest has gotten a bit bigger than I remember it. Biggrin

Well, if you keep going west long enough, it kinda loops back around on itself.

@mdavisto, you speak deep truth! Smile

We are... the GLOBAL Midwest!! Smile

Coop! Ima here and trying to figure this all out...so different..I'm scared all over again..hey maybe that's a song..
I know your having a great summer ...brewing, baking, peppers tomatoes....hope to see a song or 50 from you...

planning to play

@Cynthia Wolff - Hey how are you, way over in the West? Yep, just back from vacation and trying to get to all the catch-up projects. You know how I am, lol. Maybe there will be some music. 4-tracks at least! Smile

Pick some peppers, pick a tune, pick some peppers, pick a tune.
Doesn't seem too hard.

Yea, just as simple as that @pipewrench67, lol. My time is so segmented that I move have to move from one thing to the next to try to get to everything and never do. I've played on some instruments (guitar and drums), but have not had time to do more than mess around or record and my songs are not easy compositions, usually, since I build them up one piece at a time. We'll see.

And hi there @chrishope - Hope you have an awesome 50/90!!

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I'm off to a late start and don't anticipate having a lot of time this summer to do 50/90 but I have one song posted, at least, and plan to make a bit of time for writing and listening.

Howdy fellow midwesters. Anyone else in the Northern Kentucky area?