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Lacking public health
"Retire" is a dirty word
Work 'till you drop dead... Sad

Move to Canada;
We have great health care up here.
No bill for treatment.

Don't tempt me Fuzzy!
Can I live in your basement?
How much is the rent???

How is it August???
Where did May, June, July go?
Blink! And it's long gone...............

only a month gone
summon your perseverance
plenty of time left

Time flies very fast;
Over before you know it.
Don't waste a second.

I have timed fast flies
Although I don't think they knew.
Second time, I failed.

An errant bullet
Quickly wasted my second
(A duel meaning)

What we need more of
Love, pure love. Only thing. Wait!
Sapphire bullets!

A reference to
Mahavishnu Orchestra!
Well done, Amanda.

Crises! More crises!
Two a day, or a penny--
They're not worth tuppence.

My back is still bad
My consolation? Right now,

One hundred degrees?
That's called an obtuse angle.
That's math, doncha know.

No obtusity!
We get enough of all that
From our newspaper.

Another scorcher.
Temp goes to one eleven!
Nigel would concur.

Bunch of heat struck wimps!
Car fan melted off its mounts
(It was one-thirty)

Oops I tell a lie
It was indeed more than that
But I have no proof.

Working in a swamp.
Sans water, sans crocodiles,
Plus screaming desert.

More heat over here
Less than a mile, homes burn
Saddest of all things


What is the saddest,
Is also a good prod, yep.
It ain't permanent.

Monday tomorrow.
F. I need more end than week
In all my weekends!

when it just won't light
how many soggy matches
until you believe?

--Zen and the Art of Firebuilding

Where burns the fire?
What is this thing you call "match"?
The sun is no moon.

Let the home fires burn
In the deep midwinter here!
Don't disappoint Dog.

Tarnation Musey!
2:30 AM is not
For writing lyrics!

Nighttime is for sleep
Musey might owe Future You
An apology

Muse apologize?
The Muse imposes its will
And you have no say.

Closing down a life,
Superannuated soul
Gets rid of the debt.

At the start of life
Banks wouldn't lend me money.
And nothing has changed!

My dad always said
"They should pay us when we're young!"
No use for cash now...

Your cash is no use?
Make the world a better place
By passing to me!!

Tim, you can have it!
All of my excess money!
Every single bit! Smile

The nature of cash;
There's never any extra.
It all goes somewhere.

I chase cash each day
And now know for sure, we've got
Wrong priorities

All you need is cash
All you need is cash!

Hi, I'm Johnny Cash
Five of the best words ever
The king is no match!

Elvis was America!
Also, a good man!

Colonel Tom Parker
Did him a great disservice;
Killed his rebel soul.

Spirits need lifting?
Elvis Comeback Special! YEAH!
Always the King! YEAH! Biggrin

I don't get it. Nope.
Why Elvis is king. He's eh,
Whatever, for me.

Everyone has one
Imperfection, Adnama;
We have just found yours! Smile

Elvis appeared to me
In the shape of a pancake
In maple syrup

Imperfection??? Bah!
To each his slash her own, blah
Blah blah blah something

Why do my pancakes
Always look like piles of sludge?
Oh, yeah. I can't cook.

Ugly food? Who cares?
It's to delight the taste buds
Not for Instagram

Ugly food is the
Next "new thing" in cookery!
Travel Channel Show!

Miracles happen!
No one is home. It's time to
Finish two collabs!

Well, for pity's sake:
Days go by without a verse!
Too many pancakes?

I prefer waffles
Heaped with berries and berries
Wish I was hungry!

This is post number
Two hundred and fifty, folks.
Just letting you know.