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inspiration comes
before the sun has purchase
on some distant edge

Fuzzy needs a fuzz,
Then Fuzzy shall get a fuzz!
Starting Kickstarter! Smile

A taste of product
Beware the pedal pusher
Fuzz is a gateway!

No pedals for me!
I'll start down the rabbit hole
And never come back.

Ah, cozy Haiku -
Poetry equivalent
Of small house movement

More Skynet is here
I do not like this cloud type
Others are better

I know what's wrong there:
That Sky is in the cloud, but
that's clearly backwards

So glad folks listen!
I really don't like being
A trisch Trash poker.

watching birds bathing
they don't linger like I do
all they know is quick

Bathing birds watching
I linger too long with seeds;
They wish I knew quick! Smile

Grandma used to say
"hotter than Billy be damn'd"
she rarely made sense.

Baby, light my fire
Spontaneous combustion
Light it your damn'd self!

Fired-up Hawaii,
New plasma for the watching.
Is New Zealand next?

obsidian forms
and offers up sharp edges
black glass to needles

Back to the Stone Age!
Let's all learn to chip some blades!
We can live in caves!

Caves and flaked-stone tools,
All useful accomplishments
When the ice comes back.

When the Ice Age hits
At least our drinks will be cold.
More cocktail parties!

Ithebergs of ithe age
That which allows one to think
The unthinkable

the dead grass wilted
no clouds, just sol frying hot
crispy critters all

Mmm, wilted spinach.
Or perhaps iceberg lettuce?
Then upside-down cake...

Sometimes, the obfuse
Verbiage in these here 'kus
Leaves me befuddled. Smile

Why the preference
For tropical holidays?
Inimical cold.

I would like to see
The Cretaceous sea return
(Though I'd be fish food)

As a runner-up,
The Tertiary seas would do
For Sushi diets!

To bring those seas back,
And their great diversity,
Must melt icecaps first!

Yes, I sees the seas;
The Baltic, Ionian,
And all of the rest.

One thing you can't do:
You can't seize the seas you sees,
Those wavering waves!

Important request:
You'll save the last wave for me?
Promise, @barbara?

Of course, @Tim Fatchen
No penultimate will do--
Ever-lasting waves.

Rush - Permanent Waves.
The Spirit of Radio.
Their seventh album.

Practice, rehearsing
Drives the new music away.
I entice it back.

Make way for music!
New tunes--get 'em while they're hot!
Take two, now...they're small.

I'll take twenty-five!
But wonder if they'll all fit
In my tiny brain

Of course they will fit!
Music expands containers.
You'll need a new hat.

Now, introducing
The man with the giant head!
P.T. Barnum's dream.

Don't look good in hats
And my brain is quite mushy
Now what should I do???

A turban for you --
endlessly adjustable,
mush stabilizing

Then it is settled -
Off to Turban Outfitters!
Wait, I've used this joke...

It's summer re-runs
even on 50/90
(spoke it knowingly)

Reruns are alright
If you'd swing me a redo
I'd appreciate

Re-runs and has-beens
Like the fellow who collects
Trash cans: he has bins. Biggrin

Smokey haze is back
*cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *cough* *hack*
Epic fail, the Bear

All I wanna do
Is *cough* cough* cough* cough* and *hack*
And take your money!

Midterm grades are due;
Engulfed in calculations
A's for everyone! Smile

Marking misery.
Students in fear of my wrath...
They'd ban me these days.

No marking for me!
My teaching days are over!
No more essay hell!

Nearly forty years
Since I was God Professor.
A burnt-out whiz-kid!

Left a life tenure.
Many said I was insane.
But it saved my soul...

Tens of thousands marked,
Another ten thousand and
Then I can retire! Smile

Once they're all marked down
It's not that you can retire
But that you can live!