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Testify, Fuzzy!
Nature? Nurture? Both? Neither?
You never can tell!

When our children fall,
whether from grace or bunk bed,
it's "upsadaisy!"

From daisies to death
And serial killer kids
I'm worried 'bout y'all.

Best stay away, Tom
Some of us are poisonous
But the ride is fun!

The name's Hans Neeson.
Hans Neeson Upsadaisy.
La, la, la, la, la!

Up way too early
Me and geriatric dog
Bring it on Thursday!

How can I not write
Political songs after
A day like today?

I have got to say
Political songs are good
Get writing then Tom

Up up and away!
My brain flew out of the door.
Left me with the mush.

It is not sledging
When you do it to yourself.
"Mush! Mush!"...the dog yawns.

Too much mush in here.
That's what comes from a late lunch:
A plate of mushrooms.

snow warmed becomes slush
slush left to die, a puddle
from there, to thin air

Music or crafting
Laundry, dishes or yardwork
Or just stay in bed

Hot as hell here. Love!
Snowballs would have no chance. So...
Hell's my happy place???

Just met @ductapeguy.
Never met the man before!
Played music, chatted.

Always nice to meet
And put a face to the name.
Doesn't happen much!

Accidental nap
Too much I should be doing
Now I am groggy

Grog is good for you,
For "Down among the Dead Men
Let them lie!" holds true.

Some pirates like grog
But most a bottle of rum
And then they scream “yar!”

New Zealand navy
Abolished rum in '90s
The lash, earlier

I am typing this.
Words organized as Haiku.
Strict poetic form.

New Zealand Navy
No rum, no lash and no use.
But which followed which?

What?! Our E.E.Z.
is seventeen parts water
To just one part land.

How exactly does
One abolish rum? That's like
Snuffing out the Sun!

There's no need for rum:
Sharing the land with Kiwis,
That's a REAL rum go.

NZ watered down?
To reduce that dilution,
Bulldoze your mountains!

Upgrades mean waiting
So no work for me. Bummer
Heartbroken I'm not

To get rid of rum?
I assume you mean RED RUM?
(sorry, I had to)

So early Monday
Our office is rum ready
Take a hike Skynet!

Yes, I meant RED RUM
Especially that sponsored
By the Orange one.

Red Rum was orange?
My brain may start exploding
Orange the new red?

I wrote a rum song
And i called it "Black Cat Rum"...
Insipid sipping.

Can't say much civil,
Orange is the new idiot.
But yes, also Red. Smile