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Last night I was too warm
Today, fan is in window
Now I am too cold

The perfect balance
Is a near endless search in
Temperature and life.

Balance, yes that's it
I feel like a circus bear
With board and barrel

life can't be balanced
it is an integrated
woven tapestry

asleep, like i was
half an eye open on this
wake and break something

"Wake and break" is more
Productive than "wake and bake".
That kills the whole day.

tried to sleep it off
but morning came too quickly
now awake, broken

noise breaks my sleep spell:
cat, power-scratching the door,
lobbies for breakfast

I dreamt of Bard Cards
And blanche from the golden girls
Called me a bad mom

Up early to work
Auditors are demanding
And staff need their pay

A Sunday alone
Just Sunny and I, lazing
Would be much preferred

This thread reminds me:
I'm from the only country
With a cold July.

There's a heatwave here.
It's air conditioning and
Swimming in the pool.

Fireflies in the dusk
Dancing outside my window
Defying darkness

Would like some wine now
Kitchen seems so far away
Could be I'm lazy

Up most of the night.
Full and busy day today.
Send lots of caffeine.

When the nights are long
The days can seem much longer
Wishing energy

All I wanna do
Is *BLAM* *BLAM* *BLAM* and *ka-CHING*
And take your money...

That is perfection
It's all about the rhythm
Now off to the bank

Haiku for my wife,
The 50/90 widow;
I'm back in the Fall.

our time is finite
in this endless universe
embrace the moments

Poor Mrs. Fuzzy!
Without her tall, dark, and hand...
Well tell and dark though!

weighty waiting, we
for songwaters to soon flow
and flood the wild steppes

Waitstaff, we, serving
Delicious bits of music
To our rabid fans! Biggrin

Old house isn't sold
Months yet before new house built
Movers come next week

Tell myself, "Be calm.
All will work out in the end."
Trying not to freak

I need this challenge
It makes me feel successful
Real life is uphill

Life is determined
By the force of your own will.
"Uphill"? State of mind.

A body at rest
gravity, and inertia,
I've been double-teamed!

The muse is itchy!
Thirty short minutes to go,
No falling asleep! Smile

July the Fourth now!
I'd better carry notebooks,
Or miss the fireworks.

Floodgates are open
All four submissions are mine
Come on, guys, catch up

I'm late to party
Thought floodgates opened Thursday
Time zones confuse me

"Oil can" - faintly heard
Somewhere locked up inside me
"Oil can" - it wants out

Nicholas Chopper
Even when all tin, could still
Love 50/90. Smile

"An enchanted axe"
(Be careful what you ask for)
(And watch out for puns!)

Speaking of axes,
I want to write a song called
"Cannibal Axe Cult".

Cannibals are nice,
Having folks for meals. Don't ask
Though "What can I bring?"

Has it started yet?
At this rate I am going
To finish nothing!

Contrarian thought:
"Out of nothing, nothing comes?"
No! Let there be light!

Two days on the road?
Alas, it's now stretched to four.
Budget motel tour.

The proximate cause?
Close company with turkeys.
But they are sweet birds...

"Tick tock" goes the clock
Also valves, belts and steering.
Not to mention tyres.

Ski for a day, but...
I will be glad to limp home
And plug headphones in

No longer a fan
Of transcontinental trips
Next time, watch me fly!

I'm finding it hard
To get in the groove this year;
Still lots of time, though.

Lunar colonies
Seem a good idea, but
Dusting homes would suck

Now, thread, lost among
The sea of skirmish flotsam -
Rise to top, as cream

Lunatic thou art
Who would live on that cold ball
No daisies in spring.

No daisies in spring,
But none who've wintered spring there
Have pushed daisies up.

Amazing daisies
Smiling little bright sunshines
My heart soars high, far

Daisies? Those bastards!!
They will kill you in your sleep.
Don't let them fool you.

Marguerite, indeed,
Is French for “daisy”. That means,
My grandkid will kill???

You can never know
How those children will turn out.
Killers start somehow.