Heating Bill Blues

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The original of this tune can be found here - https://soundcloud.com/bestfitmusic/11-heating-bill-blues

BA Johnston; a Canadian legend for sure.
If you've ever seen him perform you know just what I mean.

I can identify with this track; at one point in my life I was so broke that I couldn't afford to buy any more heating oil, so for two weeks one January I ended up walking around inside my house wearing a winter jacket.

Ukulele and a bit of Melodica as well.




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awesome! not someone I'm familiar with, but will rectify that.........seems like I'd enjoy his stuff, some nice gallows humor in this, that's right up my alley........ goes down really nice with uke/melodica combo too.

a city I was in one winter had a bad ice storm, electricity was out for roughly a month........ mainly a college town so mostly apartments running all electric, was a lot of ovens being used as fireplaces hahah, this brought back some fond and not-so-fond memories Biggrin

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ive never heard him, but this is good. the lyrics are much freer and inventive than are usually found in his kind of comic blues tune. ive never had heat, something that is probably not possibe in canada, here in peru we dont even have ceilings.

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Haha you always do a BA song eh, that's awesome. I should of seen him one of the times he was here. You do good delivering these lyrics with a nice instrumental. Nice cover!

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You give this such a great, relatable performance. We've all been there - whether it's the heating bill or other bills (except @billwhite51, if he showed up at my door, I'd invite him in for a drink Wink ). Wonderful cover, @Fuzzy!

See You In The Shadows…

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I'd not heard this song before, but it's a real gem! I like the conversational style of your version, and the melodica is a treat.