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Hey everyone, so, I've been part of this little 50/90 (and associated Feb Album Writing Month/FAWM) community for a while now, and over the years, others have shared various health challenges , etc that they've had.

I guess this is 'my turn' (and spoiler alert- everything will be ok!) . Went for my general checkup in May, my new primary care physician said ''hmm, one side of your thyroid gland (which is at the base of the neck) is enlarged" (you couldn't see it, and i was having no symptoms or anything, she just caught it on a general exam) and suggested I go for an ultrasound. Did, and they found that it was suspicious enough to go for a biopsy, and sure enough, there was something there. So a few days ago, went for an overnight stay in the hospital to have my thyroid removed. I was concerned that it'd affect my voice (apparently is a complication that can happen), -while my voice is somewhat weak and rough a few days after the procedure, they say it should return to normal. I'll be back to my loud self soon! Basically, once this all heals up, I won't need any more treatment except to be monitored, etc...

Moral of the story- go for those general checkups! If I had waited a long time, who knows.....

and just to see if i could actually sing again at all, I just today wrote and posted a new song, called 'song of life together' . (you can hear me still singing, maybe without a high range for now, but hey, at least i can still do something-hopefully the 'rest' comes back soon!)

Hope everyone is well, as we all know as we get older, health is.... everything! feel free to share your stories here, if you desire!

(and yes, I'm fine, thanks!)


Hi Mike - glad to hear you're doing well! Just to commiserate, I had part of my thyroid removed in 2002 for the same reason, and my recovery was very quick also. Isn't it great when they get it all in one little slice. Here's to another many many more years of your music. Congrats!

Mike! Glad you got this taken care of and that you will be singing again with your full voice again soon. Best wishes for many years of great health and happiness!

Whoa, glad to hear you're okay! I've been dealing with some health issues myself, but mine are sadly ongoing and unresolved. I've had a sore throat since about February which has really affected my singing voice (I probably shouldn't be singing at all, actually, but I'm a glutton for punishment), and the only diagnosis I've been able to get so far is "maybe acid reflux?" It's really great to hear stories like yours though, where they found something and got it taken care of in short order!

Sooooooooooo glad your outcome is worth singing about, Mike. You're one of the good guys and you deserved the good news!

Mike, so glad to hear you are gonna be OK and that you'll still be able to sing! You are a genuine and wonderful gentleman around these parts and over at FAWM! I look forward to many more years of enjoying your music here and there!

Hard times, but you got this. Love!

thanks, everyone! Smile

Glad you're on the mend. Glad you're back with us even if it's sporadic for now.

wishing you the best of health and back to fine voice soon mike.

Sorry to hear, mike. I’m leaving nashvegas from the songwriting workshop in an hour. I think my bus just pulled up, but they won’t let us go early, I’m sure. I will wind up at home by 100 pm tomorrow, then I have triple bypass surgery at 500 am Monday morning. I have not done anything on the site since the day after I found out. Met some great people at the workshop and got to interact with Mary gauthier, a songwriting idol of mine. I saw this thread and figured I would add to the checklist of misery. I hope everyone has been enjoying their 50/90 this summer! I should be posting some stuff during recovery. Thanks, everyone. I mentioned FAWM and 50/90 to quite a few people there. I didn’t find anyone who was a member, though. I really thought I would.

Glad to hear you're doing better, Mike. Take care. Hope your triple bypass goes well, @tsunamidaily!

I'm glad you're alright, Mike. Don't push too hard during recovery. Let stuff heal fully. I know someone who can no longer sing because of something similar. @tsunamidaily I'll be keeping you in my thoughts on Monday.

Good to hear Mike and that song of yours is a pretty good way back!

thanks again, everyone! and best, best wishes to @tsunamidaily on your upcoming procedure- it'll be a long road, i had a family member just go thru that two months ago and is well on the mend, but it takes time, of course.

and to conserve the voice- just posted an instrumental song!

best, everyone! Smile and hope everyone is well or will be well!

@tsunamidaily now I see what happened. Hope they get that WiFi fixed!!!

Glad you are on the mend @mike skliar and beams to you @tsunamidaily. I’m pulling back more due to my Hubby’s Alzheimer’s. A very slow goodbye. I have two lyric written at 2 AM, while he’s sleeping, that I hope to set to music but it needs to be when he is engaged with an outside person which isn’t often. Creating is getting tougher.

@darcistrutt So sorry to her about your husband's Alzheimer's. I'm sure everyone here sends you their love. I can't help out much but you mentioned the difficulty in getting songs recorded. If it's any use to you at all you can send me rough recordings or lyrics only and I'll do my best to make a demo from them and I am completely certain that there are many, many more people here who would do the same.

hope everyone's health is good, including loved ones (best wishes darcistrutt - its a difficult situation, im sure)...
meanwhile, yeah, I'm mostly on the mend- most all good-- tho, of course, it hasn't stopped me from worrying and.. writing songs about that worry..

i had to chuck the whole thing, finally-- lyrics, commenting, all of it-- because i was close-- 15 away with about a month to go. and i knew i would push myself if i continued, and it was getting exhausting. i'm supposed to be a week away from going back to work, though only a couple of days at a time. the new pill i added to help my pulse does so, but only in the morning, after i take it, and it is still making me tired then. so i HAD to give up, because had i not, i would have pushed myself, and it could have been disastrous. a big shoutout to all those keeping on keeping on! keep having fun!