Has any one tried Sound Trap?

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I'm new to all this sound recording stuff. I have been exposed to GarageBand and liked it, but I don't have a Mac, so not an option. I have Audacity, but don't find it user friendly for a beginner. Has any one here ever used Sound Trap? I've seen a quick overview and seems simple to use, but I'd like the impressions of its usefulness from someone who may have at some time or is now using it. Anyone?

First I've heard of it. They seem to have a decent user base. The big suck is you only get 5 projects with Free. I use GarageBand, and don't have time to record right now, anyway. What I'd do is try Free. If you can save the mp3 files, and delete old projects, do that for a while. That should help you decide whether you like the community and want to shell out money for the Pro or Premium plans, or save up money for some other product.

Try Reaper! Serious DAW at a cheap price! And the trial is full-featured and unlimited time!

That's a new one to me... where, recommended from, whom?

Yes, of the many out there, and I have attempted to install and use many (some are rediculous to even install, esp. Trial version), -- I have Reaper, remaining installed for occasional use.

Then, I got used to the manual, simple, stripped down Audacity, so, as you know : ) use it. Wow, yet another, ~ sound trap ~, never heard of it. I guess I should have a look.


The problem I find is, the features of any of them, become a proprietary learning curve issue -- all of them for someone in your position. And, for you, all you need/want, *not to mix a mastered, production, -- **simply save, overdub, maybe a little special effect, EQ. Or, again, just simply record, save, and overdub w/o major latency issues/misaligned tracks.

Maybe, ask here, specifically how-to, [... ...] the issues you have with audacity, here. Ask for a punch list, steps, for the few things you look to do.

What I've found, if you can do it manually in an audacity, then the more automated, bloated packages then make sense. I grow up using analog, tape, and look for that interface. You are looking for, a Cassette type recorder application, : ) audacity is close to that.

You need help adding the dll so you can save-as MP3, and, how to align a track you may import to sing to. Of all the folks here, someone should be able to click with you on that. So, first tell the problem, why, how, and if can't be rectified, someone reading may say, "hey, this SW is what you want". (But, I don't think, that, exists, unfortunately)

For me, I used to recommend Adobe Audition, but Revised itself out of simple use, it was affordable, small HD footprint, and intuitive.

Then, I used Sony Acid... eh, not any more, then, Reaper which I do like for real projects... But for "FAWM" stuff, audacity is my cassette deck recorder. Overcome the SaveAs issue before dumping it. Then get Track Alignment advice from one of the gentry here... gotta be someone as expert teacher, here.

You could seek a collaboration project, for the purpose of overcoming the recording issues.

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Audacity is just overwhelming to me right now. I am not familiar with computer terms or at least can't connect/relate to them, nor am I familiar with the soundtech jargon used in Audacity. I need a help menu to understand the help menu. I can figure out how to record, but I can't figure out how to save, edit or delete, at least not without doing lots of research and later forgetting what I learned (short-term memory issues to boot). There are sooooo many things you can do on it, I'm sure. Its one of those programs that I think I might come back to later after experiencing a beginner-level program and make some connections and realize what things are for, but right now, I just want to record, save, edit, delete, maybe layer tracks, but I need a beginner-level, simple to use program. Simple terms like "record", "save", "edit", "delete" buttons are what appeal to me. I know what they mean. Those are terms I understand. When I am trying to record to post a song, its discouraging to have to do all kinds of searches, manual look-ups, etc that could take me all night to figure out so I can apply them to the task at hand. Not very good for the flow of creativity, so I'm looking for something that just does the job right now. I have a lovely CAD u37 microphone with accompanying headphones my hubby purchased as a Christmas gift for me and I've yet to use it because it needs something like Audacity to use and so when I go to record, I get no further because I don't understand Audacity. I'm not very technical-minded. My husband was searching online for options for Windows 7 since I don't have a Mac, which is what you need for Garageband (which I like from what I've been exposed to--more user friendly), and he came upon Sound Trap. He said it was free through the chrome store, but until posting here, I had no idea it was limited to 5 projects and then there's a price--should've known there was a catch to it. I'll have to take a look at Reaper and compare with Sound Trap prices and function. Is it compatible with Windows 7 and user friendly? Oh and if someone can help me with the "save", "save as", "edit", "delete" on Audacity with step by step how to directions in printable form, well...I might give that another try, but as is just seems to set me back.

-- I had a brief look see... hmmm, first question, based upon *assumption (not direct information of "Requirements", upfront) is:
Do you use Chrome as your browser?

Based upon what I don't see, and the above question, (with so many implications) ... give it a try if you're OK signing up with a 3rd party account? Hmmm, why they do that I wonder?

-- I'm not excited Smile

It will be interesting to see what others say, now. Some may rush to sign up for it, now, -- and then, be able to let you know.

-- It being "browser" based, should be platform agnostic and w/o issues. But, that's not the real world, in my experience. Since, a "google" base product ? , plan on being granularly tracked (may not be an issue for many). I think bandwidth is the bottleneck, --as assumptive issue. So, regardless of the Inet Backbone professed in use, the last 100 ft to your house will matter : ) Good Inet service?

-- Again, all assumptive and based upon what I don't "see", as information provided prior to signing up

There are Audacity tutorials, but they look a little technical at first glance. http://manual.audacityteam.org/quick_help.html

If you need, I can try to write a simple help sheet that's light on jargon. Just enough to get you started. It's going to take a couple hours of my free time, so try to wade through the tutorials first. If you did ok with GarageBand, Audacity does a lot of the same things, just in a different way.

Hi, let me first say I have never used Audacity (I have better). I think the biggest confusion would be how to install the lame mp3 encoder. If you can get past that part you should be able to export mp3 and upload. The help link iveg provided has a link to "how to install lame for audacity."

As for editing and deleting...don't know because I've never used that program.

Soundtrap? Looks like garbage to me...sorry.





File name -- filename_01 (pick WAV in the drop down)

Click -- OK, next screen, ignore it

You are done..., go have a look in the Directory and click on it to play it, --test.

Otherwise : ) ...

kc5, -- I'm going to suggest something, you may not get, or like, but have seen this before. I only ever saw the creativity satisfaction occur, then, with old analog equipment. Honestly, way back in the '80's walking into a 32 Track Recording Studio, and tyring to "know" which button to physiclly push, --was hard enough then as newby. Tranference to SW, --no, didn't help. So, it's not a matter of being "tech savvy".

(Side story: -- My wife (dangerously non-tech : ), just told me this week, she just now learned there were 4 Brakes on a car -- thought there was just a brake, --one. : ) God I love here : ) ... why should she have thought otherwise? Now, she does not even need a Key... walks up to it, it opens, she hits a button and it starts... she has to remember to "turn it off" when leaving though. Does not always happen : ) OMG!)

So, back to Analog Equipment:
Who's to say what they can be had for, -- I used to use, I think it was "Revox" 4 Track Reel-to-reels, but, were more "pro" level in certain studios back then, e.g. radio stations, not indie-labels. Certainly, there are the non-pro level ones all of Major Brand recognition -- all seem to cost, ironically, what the SoftWare costs, --go figure. There are, or were good 2 Track Reel machines too.

Plug in the big-ole Mic, and hit --Record.

Audacity, ironically? -- is distributed to "record" analogue input via Vinyl Record Players (filtering pops-cracks, etc.) So, you'd still have to feed the "beast", hit record a second time, to get the TAPE, "online". So, the ABOVE, while a nice story? does not help you! Good to know, you're "trapped" in a Digital World? : )

-- Who told you it HAD TO BE MP3?

You CAN save as WAV, (what Audacity was built for), it does not NEED to be MP3 for SC upload. It is just a large file size, takes up more computer space. .WAV is a better File, anyway.

-- So, lets eat this elephant one bite at a time.

--- Lets revisit Audactity and File Save. IN AUDACITY IT IS ---> Export Audio

No, you don't have to save the Project, ---> It assumes you want to, skip that.




I get a File "SaveAs" Directory Path Window, -- do you ?

I then NAME the FILE, -- file_01

Click -- SAVE, there, (remembering where! I saved it?!)

And, it is -- SAVED as: file_01.wav

Your 2 min songs, may be a bit larger, --so what?

On SC, click -- UPLOAD FILE

PICK THAT FILE in the SC interface

And, vwahlah, -- recorded file uploaded.

We have had this conversation previosly, as you well know : ), so avoided offering what does not seem to help, --nonetheless, it's that simple (kidding, kidding, --clear as mud, I know).

Get your tech savvy family relation over to add in the MP3 SaveAs capability, --next time there?


So, cleanly, for AUDACITY:



File name -- filename_01 (pick WAV in the drop down)

Click -- OK, next screen, ignore it

You are done..., go have a look in the Directory and click on it to play it, --test.

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Printing those instructions now [@ustaknow]. Thank you so very much. I must owe you like 3 doz. chocolate chip cookies by now, eh?

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Thank you, @iveg. I appreciate the offer. No need now though, I have what I need to start below. Again, I appreciate your generous offer.

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No need to be sorry[@jcollins], but I am interested in how you came about that conclusion. Is it lacking something, you think? or just a frustrating program? doesn't function well? or might it be (as turned me off from it) that it is browser based as [@ustaknow] pointed out?

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@johnstaples Reaper is on the back burner for now. I'll be checking further into it. I started an introduction, but had to cut it short. So far it looks interesting, maybe a little less complicated. However, I HAVE audacity and since ustaknow provided step by step instructions to get me started, that will be my more immediate course of action. Reaper is an option I'll be looking into, though. Thanks for bringing it to my awareness.

Oh, and Blueberry Pie too, with some dem corn muffins.

@kc5 I meant that soundtrap looks like an online phone DAW. That would probably be even more confusing and annoying for audio production beginners. For people who have experience, as you do with garage band, Soundtrap looks like a downgrade. Try that Reaper program and download some free vst plugins. If you just want to perform live I recommend a digital recorder such as the one I have, the DR40. That said, I don't use mine very much because ___.


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@jcollins That does sound like more of an annoyance. I should clarify, I don't have experience with garageband, I've simply been exposed to it and liked what I saw. Had a few moments of messing around with it, but not much. I have a digital recorder probably similar to the tascam and I love it! Its a Sony IC Recorder. Its what I use to upload my songs to soundcloud. However, there have been times when I would write lyrics and do a melody for someone else's music composition and I've been told, they would like the vocals separate for whatever they do after (in the mixing I guess--not my domain) so in order for me to do that, I have to listen through headphones to the music and record my vocals independent of the music. That's why the microphone/headphone set up. [@ustaknow] CCC are my specialty--no guarantees with BBP and corn muffins.

@kc5 I have that Sony IC Recorder! Yes, I love that thing too. I use that for free form lyrics writing. I might say a phase, put it on pause, then add another rhyming phrase until I have enough. Sometimes I just sing and play with my acoustic guitar using the Sony. Mostly use it to evaluate my live performances.

The DR40 offers high quality and you can plug a headset into the device and sing along with a bed-track (music only track). There is a learning curve there too and I haven't tried it very much. However, this device can put your vocals on a separate track. The Sony would be difficult to make separate track for the vocals. Difficult but not impossible. You would need to monitor with headphones on a separate device, and just sing along with the track the best you can, and upload your raw vocals. Even if there is a little music bleed the producer should be able to line up the track and gate (cut) most of the background music. He wants to be able to use effects on your vocals and remix a cleaner version. The benefit of separate tracks is you can edit each separately. Most of the time I play each separate. For example, I will practice a guitar and vocals tune, but then when recording I play each in an overdub situation. That is playing the guitar first. Then singing to that guitar. Hope I didn't confuse you even more. In person is so much better as these internet posts tend to be confusing. What you need is somebody to get you setup for recording. There are a lot of YouTube videos for beginners. Also, this is not something that can learned very fast. It gets worse too as you get into DAW recording because ASIO drivers and soundcards play a key role. I'll leave it at that as I am starting to drift. Hope I didn't confuse you even further...lol. Good luck.