Happy International Strange Music Day!

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August 24th is here!


Gosh, you should have warned me in advance!
I'll see what I can come up with today.

I'd say Amazon Guides, Elk Trails, Halls of Doom, or Sediug Nozama fit this description from my page. Smile

Here ya go; "The Giant Cauldron Of Death".


Well then... I'll have to do something to honour the day! Big stack of instruments I haven't done much with...

This is a good idea. Here is my contribution:

Happy International Strange Music Day!

Oh, folks, tag your stuff internationalstrangemusicday if you would, and I will share the results with the founder Patrick Grant, who is an old friend! Biggrin

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Ok, here's mine: *33581

*33584 -- don't listen if you value your sensibility.

Not as strange as I'd have liked but I kinda like it anyway.


Due to Australian time zones being in the future and all, I missed International Strange Music Day... *sigh* I might still whip something up, but it'll be a pale shadow of what could've been... Damn you, Future-Australia!

Joining the party, fashionably late I hope, with:
Too Many Legs:

I gotta say, folks, I wish every day was Strange Music Day (well, outside of my own head, anyway).
I have absolutely loved all of your contributions!
Keep the Strange Music spirit alive all year 'round!!

If you want more strange sounds, listen to pretty much anything on my song list tagged "weirdo" (sorry, I gotta plug my own stuff).

99% of humans would consider this strange, particularly since it's influenced by the music of Jandek.