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Anything interesting and/or songworthy about your August?
I've written a few songs about August over my years of 50/90ing. I've written about rain, hurricanes (we live in Florida), and baseball. And probably included how August makes me thirsty for beer. (Hell, all months do.)
I started tossing around August song ideas today as I strolled in the rain (you get used to it here) with glasses steamed from humidity (I don't much care for that) into our grocery store.
Today, August 1, is also the birthday of one of my musical inspirations, Jerry Garcia. And he died on August 9. (My mom's birthday is August 17. She's Jerry's age, and she'll be part of the August song I write.)
If you're a baseball fan like me, this is an interesting time, too - especially if your team is a contender.
And if you want some songwriting juice, you can think of August as AAWM (August Album Writing Month) and give yourself a challenge within a challenge, or a kick in the pants if you've fallen behind!
Maybe there's already an August hashtag, too.

Hmmmm August
- in my school years it meant the proverbial end of summer and back to classes
- in my baseball fan era most years marked when my then-team was mathematically (or at least in all practicality) eliminated
- Friday 13 2004 was Hurricane Charley striking here
- 2012 I participated in my first Super Skirmish and that put me ahead of pace to stay for the first time in my first 5090
- 2014 my grandson moved in to live with us for three years, opened for Buddy Mondlock at ACMA, and had my first Saturday gig at the Alliance for the Arts
- despite having one for four months Friday 4 2018 was my first out-of-town-where-I-needed-to-charge-to-get-back-and-I-did trip in an electric car to see my friend Sally Barris play at Common Grounds Meeting Hall
- 2019 hot yoga and a Saturday gig at the Alliance for the Arts

August brings to mind:
- Crickets, cicadas, katydids--someone is always on; it's a tag-team droning marathon! Atmosphere galore!
- I start longing for "school supplies" even harder than all the other months.
- Only two more months of summer! (TGIAF - Thank god it's almost fall)
- The annual clash of Family Reunion Travel vs. Fiscal Year End responsibilities... to go, or not to go?
- Settling in to 50/90; start bringing out the farther-fetched ideas and methods.

As a teacher, summer is the only time I don’t long for school supplies. August for me reminds me of childhood trips to my grandparents near Buffalo... fresh corn, grilling, a trip to the zoo or the county fair, big storms, the smell of hay, the first Concord grapes, and approaching autumn.

I'm having difficulty getting any music done; here in Southern Ontario it's hard to sit in the basement recording songs when it's so sunny and warm outside.
I just wanna go frolic in the sunshine.

From this part of the world its almost reverse! The worst of winter is through (although the odd day comes back to slap you around the ears) yet weather is unpredictable. Big time of hope and promise, plants awakening positivity high. Sadly as the drought rages (worst recorded now) here all that is missing this year! The divide between the haves abd have nots is widening even more so between the City and the Country however, a great time to write music! Whereas Feb n Fawm is a nightmare! With very hot weather!

@coolparadiso - never thought about that. Of course it's not summer everywhere! I'm too America-centric in my thinking.
@Fuzzy - I just used the word "frolic" in a song, and now I'm tempted to do a whole song around that word.
@katpiercemusic - I taught 20 years, and the start date of school kept creeping closer and closer to August 1. It's backed up some - daughter starts August 12.
@barbara - our late night sound here is frogs. They were super loud at 5 am today! I've recorded them in the past and put them into a song.
@AndyGetch - Yep, Charley. My welcome to Florida ass-kicking - we had lived here just 6 weeks.

I think my August song is shaping up. I have three ideas to run with - maybe three August-themed songs?

Just thought of an idea after reading this thread and a possibility of a title "HA Song" Smile

August brings me one month closer to retirement
Summer's almost gone

In August in Umbanda we celebrate the month of Orishas Obaluayê and Omulu, which are the gods of disease/transmutation and death/rotting respectively, so it is said to be a heav, difficult month. In Brazil overall it's called "mês do cachorro louco" (month of the mad dog) and that it seems to last for years and years even though it's only 31 days long. So I think here everyone is on board with the difficulty and heavyness. Hope to be using this heavyness for some dark tunes. Happy (or the happy crative unhappy) August y'all!

phoenixash-- very interesting. I like gods that at least admit they're messing with you.

my #August song: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/38677

My August song:

I was going through my music files and easily found two other 50/90 songs with "August" in the title. I bet there are at least a couple more - this is, after all, my 11th 50/90.
And I bet they all mention rain - lots and lots (and lots) of it in southwest Florida this and every August.

great thread! no particular 'august' thoughts at the moment, but perhaps it'll give me some inspiration...

August hmm... Chilhood and Parenthood: knowing school is a long way away (usually Sept 5th). For me August is sun and summer, blue skies and buzzing bees. Long languid days, surfing, bbqs, and the Beach Boys. Ok so that was my younger days in SW England. Nowadays here in the west of Ireland its humidity, thunderstorms, alternate drought or flood, grey skies, blue skies, windy and still days. And tourists yuk !!!

Festivals - in the UK they start at the end of May and end (pretty abruptly) in the middle of September, with the vast majority in August. I have written other songs about festivals. This year haven't posted anything so far, but have been writing .. mostly lyrics which are a cross between poetry and song lyrics.
I'm gonna post this one, about "Boomtown" (not chosen, but I went there to play in a band last weekend).

It’s interesting to consider what others write about and how they do it. I don’t think I ever thought about “this” until reading this thread. It makes one consider what they do write about.

There are a few great “summer time” songs, but never thought about them that way ‘till now.

I don’t think I can, as I write this, write a song like that — ah, I knew I was broken somewhere; thanks chip, now “iknow” Wink Smile

Off the top of my head, I just can't think of any well-known songs with "August" in the title. I can think of three September songs ("September Gurls" by Big Star, "September" by Earth Wind and Fire, and "September Morn" by Neil Diamond. And a few end of summer songs ("Summer's Almost Gone" by the Doors, "Boys of Summer" by Don Henley, "Summer Nights" from the Grease movie soundtrack).
I've done at least two September songs for 50/90. Probably another one on the way, now that I'm thinking about it.

I did a brief etymology of August and see a few things?, e.g., "August was named after Augustus Caesar in 8 B.C."; other like/per "etymonline . com/word/august"

-- Kind of, for me, a very unsatisfying origin from, type word history, that is so common, so to speak. I was hoping for some weather related thing/element.

I think it's time to simply assign a new definition to the word, like "august - breath", the inability to breath deep without hacking up a big luggy due to heat and dry-wetness mixed with bugs or something profound like that. Yes, a song would do it, not sure I can though, as I said Wink

-- In, spiring, thread, indeed Smile