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45 days done.
45 days left.
Fellow 50/90ers you have made the last 45 days amazing! I am awed, moved, and inspired, by your music, lyrics, creativity, comments, and spirit. May the muse continue to feed your soul over the next 45 days! Wishing you the best!

Same to you! Super thankful for being directed to this challenge - the level of talent here is bonkers amaze-balls!

I'm closer to halfway than I thought I'd be. Congrats to the people who have already finished. Congrats to everyone who has created anything lovely, moving, inspiring...

Just actually did my 25th song today...truly did NOT think I'd get this far.

I'm at 14, so if I continue at this pace I'll have 28. Which is a fine number. If I slow down and "only" hit 20 I'll still be pretty happy with 50/90 this year.

Been a strange 50/90 for me- started with a fair number of songs, then got sidetracked and out of commission for a bit for health-related issues, and then went on vacation.

Just posted my 15th song, a quick piano improv on a public piano located in a park in Wolfville, Nova Scotia last week. Not sure what else I'll do - as i said, it's been a strange season for me...

Nearly half way. Started a fortnight late and I'll have to stop a fortnight early.

You...you just sat at a piano and played...in Nova Scotia??? That's...friggin awesome!

I think I might actually make 50 songs. I'm a couple songs behind right now but September should be super productive.

Crap. I am so far behind. Smile

I actually debated about posting any more songs. But I've realized I have four collabs in the work and a friend is coming over tonight so that'll probably be a song and I wrote one the other day and another this morning. And I'd like to do a punk rock feast, maybe. And my daughter just quit softball... varsity catcher for three years and she's not playing her senior year *slaps forehead*. I guess I'll have time to do some music, then.

Barely posted anything so far, but I should have some more spare time for the second half of the challenge so I'm hopeful I can turn up the heat a little.

13 official song entries and I've been doing nothing for ten days. It doesn't look so good. The heat was too much. Now I'm almost allergic to the sun and can't wait for the autumn rains and dark evenings. But there's still time...

Yep, I'm a bit behind too. But I don't mind... I have 21 more songs than I did a month and a half ago. Smile (19 if you discount the collabs... Still. A good number. Smile )

I'm even more behind than I expected to be. 8 songs done and one of them is the same song with two different melodies... so I'm on track to end with 14. I think I would be happy with that though, I've got some that I'm extremely pleased with.

I think the second half will be easier for me though. I just came back from a songwriting workshop and I'm all fired up and ready to write like a maniac.

after having only posted 2 songs last year, im feeling really good about having 30 around the halfway point, & im on a good pace to complete this challenge this year. Smile

Hmmm... Not reached 25 yet. So hoping to pick up pace. But that's all part of the challenge.

Now that I'm back from my Alaska vacation, I'm re-energized to finish my remaining 24 songs Smile

I've reached 17, and there are about 10 I'm fairly happy with, which is fine, but I seem to not be quite sure what I'm to achieve,in terms of songwriting, for the rest of 50/90. I'll have to think about this.

I'm just getting started. I'll probably hit my stride in September.

Congrats to everyone who's moving it along, at any pace, self not included. I'm down but not out, and dealing with plumbing issues now. Whenever my stay-cation actually begins, I'll get more songs out.

I'm closer to on schedule than it looks like, since I have about 30 songs "almost done", but I'll still probably need to take advantage of a superskirmish or two to make it to 50 this year. Lucky for me there's one coming up.