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it's an old Chinese-Japanese tradition of linked verse. Not to complicate is too much I suggest a haiku seed and then the next one picks up the "punch-line" of the haiku (the last one) and writes 2 more. And on it goes...

a summer night
a song might be born
the crickets approve

The crickets approve
I wish they would shut up, though
I'm trying to sleep

I'm trying to sleep
children please don't touch
my new ukulele

My new ukulele
Came with several strings attached
Like all best offers

Like all best offers
It was tempting to agree
So why didn't I?

You were too busy
Strung up in FiNiku threads

So why didn't I
Feel disagreeable now?
A very fine day

A bit of blue sky,
A sunny disposition,
There's a fine outlook.

There's a fine Outlook,
But MS Office is down
We'll talk tomorrow

Nothing like Big Boys
To make us pay for sunshine.
Dam' monopolists.

Monopolists be damned
Now you can buy
The flight of a butterfly