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I've seen this show twice already and I would be willing to pay to see it a 3rd time (I've NEVER done that before). I'm going to gush because it has shot to the top of my broadway list with Sweeney Todd, Sunday in the Park with George and Hamilton. If you want a masterclass in songwriting listen to this show. The lyrics are straight up poetry, and Anais Mitchel has such a grasp of meter and form and how to use it to the best effect possible. I already owned the touring cast recording and today I bought the broadway cast recording too (for many reasons, not least of which Andre DeShields... sigh). In Chant alone there is so much going on. The underlying rhythm has a strong emphasis on beat 2 while characters come in emphasizing all parts of the measure and then Reeve Carney comes in singing in three on top of a heavy 4 underneath. Everyone has a distinct voice and they all mesh together so seamlessly and naturally. I tear up listening to it because it's just so fantastic. Seriously, listen to this show. Your heart will explode.

MAN I love Anais Mitchell! I haven't heard the show version but I have the concept album with Ani DiFranco and Justin Vernon and it's just so incredibly beautiful - makes me cry all over the place. One day I will see the live show...

Thanks for posting about this @katpiercemusic. I’m having my first listen to it right now on Spotify (unfortunately I only get Shuffle mode). Wow! Some amazing stacked up beauty in some of the songs, and all of it is compelling in many different ways. A duet that was unbelievably moving. I can’t wait to hear this straight through beginning to end!