H - SS071021H - July 10 - 2am CDT (midnight PDT, 3am EST, 8am BST, 9am CEST, 5PM AEST etc...)

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DATE/TIME: G - SS071021G - July 10- midnight CDT (10pm PDT, 1am EST, 6am BST, 7am CEST, 3PM AEST etc...)
THEME/PROMPT: Ride or if you like any transportation

TAGS: superskirmish, songskirmish, ss071021H, feast,

HOST: Coolparadiso

WHAT: We’ll have an hour to write, record, and post a song in response to the announced theme/prompt. Instrumentals and lyrics-only are also fine. When you have finished your song or lyric, please share the link in this thread. It is part of the fun - and good skirmish etiquette - to listen to other participants’ songs.

Happy skirmishing!!

*If you take longer than an hour or get started late, please post your entry anyway - there really are no skirmish police!

Not going to make this one 1:30 am here and my daughters coming over at 9 so gotta hit it, have fun.

Ok 5 minutes early, if anyone is out there! The prompt is Ride. Or if you like any form of transportation.

<-- having a go (remember its8 or 9am in europe !)

Ok cool - will get some lyrics in as everyone’s asleep here…

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That was a fun one! Thanks @coolparadiso

I'll get to everyones in the next day or two.....sorry.


Im a multi national i know the time everywhere! Smile Not been a lot of skirmishers even in US evening earlier.

Here is mine !!
Chocolate Kiss Smile

And Mine http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/song/47488 getting a bit tired thats 6 in a row hope to make the next one

Here is mine...
Thanks a lot for this inspiring skirmish! Smile


Here’s mine! Lyrics only…


Late entry and a prompt mash-up *47494

I'm late to this, but it sounds like an interesting prompt. Jumping on this.

Here's what I've got (lyrics-only):