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There is a membership drive starting up at the GYAWS facebook group. What the heck is GYAWS, you may well ask? It's the Get Your Ass Writing Songs facebook group. There is a new prompt every week for ten weeks. You have one week in order to write and record a song or two Cues for each prompt. And one week off between ten week "games." In order to be a member in good standing, you are asked to write to at least half of the prompts. Members who who cannot continue to be active will leave (and often join again later when time permits) and every once in a while the membership list is culled. In other words, you have to active in order to stay in the group. No hard feelings.

So does an ongoing music writing group sound good to you? Then head on over to our separate sign up group where you will be asked to provide some information and to read the FAQ. Once the details are sorted then you'll be added to the real GYAWS group and can begin writing and sharing music with a very tight group of musicians from around the world. This is a music production group. Quality does not count, but being creative does.

(I've copied the first set of questions from the signup page below. Note that we do have some lyricists in the group. The bad news is that it's a music creation group which means that a sound file of some sort is required. The good news is there are often people there willing to collaborate and you always have the option of singing into your phone and posting your lyric without accompaniment. Quality does NOT matter. Creativity does.)

Hi Songwriters, In order to join the official GYAWS songwriting group, you must be able to answer YES to these 5 questions:

1. Are you a musician, songwriter, producer or composer?
2. Do you have a way to record music?
3. Are you able to write & record new music every week?
4. Do you have a account ?
5. Did you read the FAQs and other GYAWS info in the Google docs file


I'm thinking of signing up when 50/90 finishes. Do you recommend? I checked out the sign up page earlier today. The rules seem kinda strict but probs for good reason right? Do you mind me asking how many members you already have?

70 ish members currently.

If you want to be creative throughout the year then it's good. I like the encouragement. I often just treat it as a skirmish challenge. Take an hour a week or every other week to keep the juices flowing.

@Jibbidy34 I signed up at the beginning of this 5090 and to be honest I was hesitant. Since I have cross-posted about 10 songs there and here. If a songwriter needs a little accountability to write regularly, then I recommend.

It sounds great. I love a good skirmish. I always dread the gaps in between FAWM and 50/90. Thanks you two. Hope to maybe see you there!

I think it'd be fun, but I'd likely get purged after a short while. I hang out in the song skirmish group and play once every few months when the mood strikes me (or if I haven't written my new song for a monthly open mic I host down here). Glad to know it's out there to GYAW, though.

Yeah, I feel guilty about the songskirmish group. I just don't participate as much as I would like. But I was in GYAWS for a long time before the group. I do like the fact that I can participate when I want. But that tends to be not very much because there is no pressure to keep me active. Great group of people, though.