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What GYAWS is:

It is a 'secret' Facebook songwriting and instrumental music group that runs all through the year.

We write and record a song a week, to a theme that we choose by poll. The group is all about continuously writing and recording music and songs; it's inspiration, it's a community of support. Besides keeping yourself writing and recording songs, the aim of the game is to stay in the group lol If you don't post for a while, you are likely to get kicked out in a 'cull' Wink

What GYAWS is not:

It is not a place for critiques generally, that said sometimes people ask a specific question about their song Smile

It's not a place for self promotion. Only songs written for GYAWS can be posted.

If you are interested, there is a GYAWS Signup Facebook page where there is a lot more information ---->
I am also happy to answer any questions you have here, please just ask.

BUT - you won't need GYAWS until October will you ! As you have 50/90 for the next 3.5 months Wink


+1 Amanda

-Cantcha do both? I do.