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Hey guys, I think it would be fun to collab. I've not played on someone else's track before so it would be new to me.

I'm willing to play some rhythm or whatever on a track, if you give me the tabs or chords naturally. I'm no pro and I'd say I'm fit for some rocking action. I figure my style is Malcolm Young-ish, but I like to play messy and just rock. I can play nice to and I like to jangle but smashing things is my natural way.

The only issue of course is I record with a Rock Band mic (vocals with Blu-Snowball) so it's not the best ever, you can hear me play and tell the quality from these songs o' mine. I'm not a great singer and I struggle being on key but I'd be willing to try a vocal if you went so low as to want a goof like me be silly on a track.

With my Tele
With my Jazzmaster
With my Strat
With my 12-string in one ear (Tele in other)

So ya it's lo-fi but still, if anyone wants me to play with 'em on a track or whatever I can!

Id Love to collab with you!

Hi - I write a lot of lyrics and am always looking for collaborations!

I'd love to do a song with your vocals Smile

Hey there Berry
I actually like your voice, in that genre you work it quite well.
I'll send you something later on to look over.
In three months we should be able to put something together
Russ Biggrin

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I'll find you...

I love your style. Very early Brit rock - my youth lol I'm a lyricist, but I'd love to share some lyrics with you during 50/90 and see what you come up with ? If you are game Smile

If your list is not too big already I'd like to collaborate with you Smile

Right on everyone ha ha, I'd like to collab with all-a-ya! It just makes me happy that this many people are interested!

Just give me things to do when this gets started and I'll see what I can make work, could be fun to try this! I've done a collab only once, where one of my e-pals gave me two riffs to form a song. We both sang it on, it was very cool to see it come together. Music is funner when you aren't just huddled up on your own island!

Man we need to collab Smile

If you still want you can just choose one of the lyrics only available and tell me which one. If you want me to put chords on one for you Ill do that but otherwise just have fun with the lyrics.