~ guess

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BandCamp direct:

What happened was...,
-- I was working on a cover and just got so *disgusted with "that" song, and felt the revelation that I really didn't like it..., so much so, that I was not engaging the "melody" and etc. Hahhh. It was not going to be a cover, hahhh!!! O M G! What to do?

-- I then looked at the work I did; all the one-take, first pass jammings with the track and decided that was far better and that I should just rip out all their krappe and just use mine!

So, I guess this is an "inspired by"; well, hardly, since realized that I did not like it so much that I had to make a better one!!! Fool ... and likely, aside from one member here, -- only one other fawm-5090 friend here could guess; lives up in Alaska somewhere (loves Harmonica), if he's here, he'll guess it.
-- Otherwise, likely impossible to do, butte, who knows!!

-- Also, I don't know about you folks but I am trying to wind down and transition *away from *"here"... since don't want a "creative crash"... (via the 21 x's thing of habbit formings... so breaking the habbit). I suspect after 21 days of not being "here", I'll be broke of it Wink

I also see less and less activity here too, -- shocking since it's October 13th!! hahhh.

So, I really hope this is my last time until maybe, just maybe, -- I'll be on the, "be-back-bus" come February; well, baring the impending global apocalypse that appears as ramping up Smile and kinda, so, the Title... hopeful at the least. Otherwise, I'll see you with the "Spirit in the Sky" Smile (Another good cover song!).





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yup I had to put headphones on, Bandit wasn't going to let me listen to this hahaha he already got woken up by a harp about 5 minutes ago he was ready to go hahahha! That bass drone is amazing! No idea what you're covering or inspired by here, and don't care! hahah was a great listen anyway, glad you got fed up with whatever you were trying to do Biggrin

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Whatever the process was, this sounds inspired. You let the electric guitar cry and the acoustic sounds brave and relentless, like a throbbing bass. Thanks for your kind words on mine. So you're one of my two followers! Smile

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Hahhh, I guess so Smile (I would figure you had way more than two!) anyway... ...

-- I had challenged myself to look for music I did NOT know, (for Rocktober), or maybe even "like" or would have listened to. So, long story short?, came to what I referred to "squishy girl" songs..., to long to explain. Then, I posted all at once, "EP", but then a few more came so I think I have maybe 3 "posts" here. (No one said, 1aday?, [email protected], asUgo, etc? So did my thing.

There was allot of stuff too. You'd have to look for the original intent EP post of all at once... well, if you dare, or care to Smile

So this song/track, (well not this one, but hahhh the one I wound up not liking), it came up about a year ago for if could help?, -- one of our co-horts from Alaska way who played harmonica, -- more than me... to be sure... anyway -- I spent some time with it. So, fast fwd to, today; and, while listening to it for Rocktober research I was fine, hahhh, -- man, but, I really really really developed a dislike to performing it, hers, in any way, -- so didn't and posted this since was the way I was "feeling" it.

-- So, it's not a cover, but, because of a cover? (No rules, aye!!... gotta break'em all!! for that to be true.)

But of course, no one here "gets me" Wink Fool well maybe you do!! (sorry for that Smile ) ... So, I titled it " ~guess ".

And, you see how well that went over! Smile hahhh Fool

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Oh, I knew "someone" listened and prob "here" since only played very few times (so came to look!!)... no one even checked it out... so, you're brave, I guess... (weird aye).