Great Deal on Mixing & Mastering Video Tutorials

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This is a really great deal if you are looking to learn more about mixing and mastering. I own several Groove 3 video tutorials and they are excellent. These are a bundle with 17 hours of downloadable video for $30. You have a little over 3 days to get this...I just bought it! (Disclaimer: I am in no way related to them nor do I get a dime or even a discount for sharing this deal!)

This sounds like a great deal. Do you need to have mastering software in order to use this or would the tools I have in Logic Pro X be enough?

Not sure Ed. Usually they try and make these type of tuts pretty general unless they mention a product specifically. I am downloading them now so I'll try and scan them later and get back tp you.

Oh okay, I thought you already had them. Thanks!

@edsmaron, I watched the intro vid and did a quick scan of the rest and had the following thoughts,

Building DAW Mix Template
He uses Pro Tools and lots of pluins but assures us his techniques will be applicable for other DAWs and plugs!

Mastering in the Box
At a glance it appears he is using Pro Tools and is going to be using a wide variety of plugins so I assume owning one or not owning one is not going to be a problem. My impression is you will not need specific mastering software; it looks like he is using a variety of plugs to master.

Mixing in Reel Time
This is a complete mix of a song from start to finish. He starts with 58 WAV files and says his goal is to show a comprehensive session even to the point of leaving mistakes and later corrections in the videos. He uses Reaper (which delights me) but he says it is focused on mixing so the techniques apply to any DAW.

Yeah... If you could go ahead and watch them all and then do a comprehensive summary detailing all of the intricacies in the video bundle and then report back to us sometime this evening... that'd be great.

HA! @tcelliott, will do!

Good, I calculate it's probably worth the 35 bucks since everything I've ever done in this area is completely seat of the pants with no training at all.