Got any ideas for your first song yet?

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So, have you mentally started work on your first song for this year's 50/90 yet?

Not actually writing anything at this point--that would be cheating!--but maybe thinking up a general theme, or a riff, or a title or snippet of lyric, etc? A little something to launch you into your first track as soon as the clock ticks over to July 4th?

I don't yet, but I'm keeping my mind open to whatever ideas may float into it so I can hit the ground running without having to actively conceptualize first. I've often found "first song nerves" create a bit of a hurdle, so I like to have some idea of what I'm going to do to help get me over the initial hump and onto the board. Anyone else?

Yes! I have several snippets of... something (maybe) from FAWM that never really got attention. I'm hoping they've fermented into something song-worthy in the interim. I've had a few other ideas pop up that went into the same notebook. I'm not sure which one will turn out to be the first, but it's good to have starting points!

Not the first song, no. The first album! :P

Kind of.

I'm gonna use the movie title challenge to give me an album title, and then plan the entire album on July 4th. Probably won't make the first song right away, though. But I'll be taking any other inspiration I can get from the forums to create song ideas. I doubt I'll do each song in order. Will probably follow the muse at that point.

I already know it'll be electronica.

Got lyric snippets. But I have a gig tomorrow morning and we have a party in the evening at our house, so not getting started until the next day at the earliest.

I have a few ideas percolating in the teapot of my soul. has an ongoing challenge that is a four part story. A story in four songs. We are currently on the second title which is due on the 7th. The third title will be posted sometime after that. I'm guessing that'll be among my first songs as I have to work tomorrow and we've had a death in the family.

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A few things going through my mind...

I know what "feeling" I want to create with my opening track. I'll wait until my muse kicks in when I power up the studio tomorrow to find out what that's actually going to sound like. I've been deliberately steering clear of even sitting in there for the last few days so that the energy can ferment and build. Smile

Yes, hoping for something positive Smile

The subconscious is definitely stirring

One of my "to do" things for today is making a list of the books I've read since February. That's pretty much guaranteed to spark a first idea...and more.

No idea, then I saw a photo posted by a friend and titled "Romance under a street light". It's now (local ) 15 minutes past midnight 4 July and I now have a 2 minute Romance piano as a consequence. #1. 49 to go. Off to bed...

Mine's going to be called Drinking Coffee At 2AM (from Tim Fatchen's stolen cup), cos that's what I'm doing right now.

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Working a country type song...I have the music and some lyrics piratically worked out..but needs a little more work. also a Bridge .
Anyone like to sing country style song?? Let me know.

i still do have an idea for first song. Have not yet had any chance to actually write or record it or anything. Radio show actually takes precedence, and what with life just now, even that gets edged out quite a lot! First song is in the post though, one of these weeks!

Hope you are all having a good 5090 so far though. Smile