Golden Slumbers

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While I did not use the original melody for "Golden Slumbers"
I thought I would use the lyrics.


Cradle Song
by Thomas Dekker (1572 – 1632)

Golden slumbers kiss your eyes,
Smiles awake you when you rise.
Sleep, pretty wantons, do not cry,
And I will sing a lullaby:
Rock them, rock them, lullaby.

Care is heavy, therefore sleep you,
You are care, and care must keep you;
Sleep, pretty wantons, do not cry,
And I will sing a lullaby,
Rock them, rock them, lullaby.




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favourite Beatles song, and you've done it justice by your expert picking and clear voice.
was not aware it existed as a lyric before - thanks for that!

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This is lovely, it's a very pure arrangement and performance. Very interesting to use the original lyrics. 'Sleep pretty wantons'. is a great line.

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simplicity reigns, especially with the purity and gusto of your voice.

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I love PD songs since then learn a good bit if dig in. I'm not a "Beatles" fan, I like'em as well as any other, but didn't know this was the origin of the song. And, ironic?, when I searched on your author ref, the Beatles did not come up as a "musical" inclusion. (This is in a book of short poems, all in PD now I see.)

The spoken word syntax is the melody, rhythmic melody, -- when I have time, I want to look into the prior musications to see about the melody as well. It'd make a great R&B re-write. There's only so many ways to sing the word "lullaby" but am sure it can be pulled from their idiomatic melody.

That's a great cover track for so many reasons!

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A really really great job here.
Reminds me of an early/mid-60's folk singer.
Lovely clear voice you have.
Nice guitar work, as well.
All around wonderful job!

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Thanks for educating me on the source of the words - if I ever knew that I must have forgotten. Very nice cover - the simplicity of voice and guitar suits the material really well.

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There's a gentle yearning here. Beautiful vocal and some really interesting finger guitar. Lovely to let wash over me. Well done. Enjoyed much.

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I had no idea of the source. Your recording is lovely.

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Awww Corinne this is lovely. Your voice has a longing quality that is sweet. Guitar is fab too!

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I wondered on forehand how you would do this but you pulled it of! Guitar instead of piano works out very well, and you managed to sing the difficult vocal!

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nicely done! you actually stuck to the McCartney melody enough that it's clearly 'golden slumbers' , some nice jazzy vocal things you're doing.

I know it's in the source lyric, but when i hear you sing 'wontons', I keep thinking of the soup! Smile (hey, new york chinese food is one of the four food groups, right?) Smile