Golden Slumbers

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I always found Golden Slumbers on Abbey Road a little jarring. It was a lullaby song but it had McCartney roaring in his best rock and roll voice on the lines of 'sleep' and 'I will sing a lullaby'. His vocal would have prevented any child from entering the land of nod. And so here is my gentler version.




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Nice lullaby. Piano and harmonies are very nice. I had forgotten all about this song until now.

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really pretty piano sound here. like you say, its more of a lullabye here than what came roaring our of mccartneys throat.

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Really nice piano playing - That's so funny what you said about Paul's renditon! I'd better get hoppin' and do my version.

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Pretty gentle rendition. Bringing the lulaby quality to the fore. There's a longing in the "get back home" that tears at the heart. Great job.
Thanks for the kind words about my effort! Smile

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I like the background vocals here, and your vocal approach to this overall.
Yeah, you really bring out the gentle, lullaby nature of this tune as opposed to, as you said, McCartney's roar.
Great job.