Goddammit Jeremiah present The Spring Collection

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Mentioned on the book o' face, but for those who don't do that:

Goddammit Jeremiah are me [@expendable-friend] and @orinoco singing silly, sweary pop-punk. You can listen to and/or buy our new release "The Spring Collection" here https://goddammitjeremiah.bandcamp.com/album/the-spring-collection

I enjoyed that, particularly "I Don't Want You To Die" and "Chris Hoy". Really fun!

I was listening to that yesterday. Really fun album.

Thanks, both.

When I first heard "I don't want you to die" in 50/90 2010, I immediately wanted to form a punk band with Jacqui, despite having never met her. Finally managed it :P

Just listened to the album - that was really great!

Thanks @OdilonGreen!