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Me old PC has only got 4 gigs of RAM, bless her. I use a lot of heavy duty plugins routinely on everything I do and I have to say I wasn't looking forward to the inevitable of every song dieing on me in Reaper.
I can't add more sticks because I've only got two DDR2 slots and 4Gb is me max.
Well owzaboutthisthen, get a flash drive and stick it in your USB slot. Then open properties and choose Readyboost.
The flash drive functions as extra virtual memory.
I'd never heard of this till today and it bloody well works. It's not magic but it certainly helps as a quick fix.
I'd tried closing every process down that wasnt essential but it still don't help as much as this.
I'm a happy man. Here's the low down.

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I tried to comment on this post a little earlier, but it wasn't working at the time. So, I think that's a pretty awesome discovery! Let me know how it holds up for you during 50/90.

@cts mate, it worked well this afternoon but tonight it's been driving me nuts again, slowing down and distorting playback, so I've increased the buffer size and it's settled down again. But whether it'll work tomorrow , who knows?

I will dig through what I have and see, if so you are welcome to it. Smile

@Peter Arvidson Not sure what you're offering me there mate but I thank you.
I've noticed the PC is getting very hot though all the fans are working. Performance definitely deteriorates as it gets hotter though I'm not asking it to do anything more than what it can normally cope with.
I've taken the sides off the case and now have a huge external fan blowing through it. See what happens tomorrow.