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My challenge came to my mind after exchanging thoughts with {@ustaknow]
There are some amazing sites where we can find free photos even for commercial use. They don't ask for the link back although personally I prefer to post the credit to the artist/photographers/anyone who helps me with my project. Anyway, I just thought about this challenge: to create your song/instrumental/lyric inspired by a photo. The link to my favourite site is but please feel free to use any photo site you like and tag photoinspired
Looking forward to your creations.

I love pixabay and use it for most of the stills and video clips for my videos. it's a wonderful site.!

@pearlmanhattan yes, amazing and very selective also. I've tried to upload a few of my photos there and they reject a lot of photos and only select what they agree with. I think it's the best photo site which offers free photos which can be used even for commecial purposes and adjusted, changed, etc. I hope to hear and read many interesting songs/lyrics inspired by the photos, Tip: apart from the photos/illustrations/videos/graphics please look at the tags, they are also very inspiring.

Here is my take: Gloomy Night *33905
Hope to hear yours.

I got one coming... if only to support this great idea. I had the lyrics, and was musicating it, then this was presented and looked on your resource for a pic. Some are heavily watermarked... but, found, fortunately the ones I liked were not, full "no attribute needed" pics.

I get why, (I think I do), why they do it. Long ago as "art major" and working... anyway to make money, so B&W, weddings allot and etc., if I could show I had several pics downloaded for use 700, 1200, etc. times, I think that would have meaning, be helpful. (I think I'd want to track them, but, I get that too, I guess.)
-- Hahhh... B&W photography... what a useless skill, aye!? Crazy

-- So, anyway... maybe today it'll be up?

OK Crazy

So, since now on Linux and w/o my familari win graphics pkgs could not do all I wanted with the pic. However, gud'nuff for government work Wink
Man o man... linux made some of the simplest apps way to hard to figure out (click and hope). What happend to a simple mspaint... gimp is great if you find the feature. Oh well... derUgo!

-- Oh, and I found a few, very ~ "literal" ~ pictures that applied. I was surprised at the amazing selection. However, I thought this one fit, more "artistically". So derUgo!

Thank you for taking up the challenge. I'm not familiar with Linex. I didn't have any problems so far with pixabay, didn't get any watermarks on any pic I've ever selected for the cover art and was able to do what I needed to but I'm not adventurous enough to say everything would work. Bandcamp has their specifics, they go for 1400 X 1400 so a lot of pictures wouldn't work and on all occasions I had to change the measurments to make sure they will be uploaded well on bandcamp but even so they actual pictures are amazing.
Here are some links:

Here is my second instrumental:

[And worked on the other picture a bit... -- turns out, yup, Linux as an operating system is lacking a bit with "mspaint" type apps... oh well! Smile ]

Thank you so much ustaknow for creating your beautiful song. I've enjoyed listening to it very much. Sorry it took me a while to listen but I'm so glad I did.
Here is my next piece inspired by a photo. I've used this photo before when I was looking for an image for my other composition but this time the actual photo inspired me to create my meditative piece. Thank you to everyone for listening. Please join in creating your songs/instrumentals/poems/lyrics.