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Just back from a conference where a tool was presented to generate automatically subject/keywords based on input text.
It is meant for librarians to automatically index subject words using some semantic algorithms (there is a demo video which explains it).
I fed it some song lyrics with funny results. The app is open source so you can give it a try:

It currently supports Finnish, Swedish and English.

Have fun/inspiration!

I gave it a list of words (it’s raw materials for a lyric that’s not done yet) and it spit out a list;:small towns,self-confidence, spouses, rockabilly music, parenthood, professional sports, humankind, screenplays, disappearance.

Some of which may be tangentially helpful.

Then I fed that list in and it added a few more, including experiential pedagogy.

Fun tool, but I’m virually positive i’m using it wrong!

I fed it the lyrics to 'My Eye', and it came up with family relations, social novels, secrets, parody, human relations, Nobel Prizes ,sisters, players (non-music), pockets, humour, magic, and Wild West... which is surprisingly accurate... some of the time.

If nothing else, I may use it to generate genre tags Smile

Fun little tool. I shall have to try that out!

I have it bookmarked.

So I did end up using disappearance and small towns in a verse in this lyric, which was originally the list I fed into the tool:

I fed it Byron Bay (FT song) and it first came up with: memoirs, womanisers, women's literature, warfare, chick lit, screen adaptation....


On the same text, I tried the alternative and it gave: landscaping, public gardens, restaurants, swamps, plant pathology, social sciences, handicrafts, urban forestry, Northwest Pacific, Paphiopedilum, jejunum, mucosa.

The oops list was more fun!