General Question to skirmishes: May the music be prepared in advance?

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I need some time writing lyrics - especially when they are English!
So I'm asking if it's possible to do the musical accompaniment BEFORE the skirmish starts and add the vocals with the lyrics later. That would spare a lot of time. Or is that against the rules?

Seems ok to me! There are people who write only lyrics for a skirmish so this should be fine! IMHO whatever helps you write more songs is cool!!!

Have a few musical pieces ready to go. You never know what direction (mood/theme) the skirmish title will take you.

Or ask someone to collab with you for a skirmish ! As I do lyrics only usually for a skirmish, as do some others, so I am sure someone would work with you if you asked pre skirmish ?

Actually, the point of a skirmish is to take the one hour and come up with something new that pertains to that title. That's part of the challenge and part of the fun.

But, there are no fawm police to enforce things. We're a pretty mellow crowd and, in the end, each of us is responsible for our own decisions on how we handle things.

And to be honest, the only person who knows when you start is you.......and if you feel you have a good reason, then who can question it? Smile

I've done that. I've had some music or a scrap of lyric lying around and pulled it out for a skirmish. All is fair in FAWM and skirmish, as far as I'm concerned. Wink