G'day fellow Australians

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Adelaide represent.

Adelaide. Yes.

Hi everyone. I'm here again... from Sydney. Smile

G'day. Howzit hangin.

Hey everybody. I'm from Melbourne.

Adelaide Hills, when I'm still on the planet.

I'll be in the Blue Mountains, NSW from 5 - 18 July, then it's back to Scotland.

East Tasmanian, if that counts Smile

Central Victoria. Are you really a native Tasmanian @Stephen Wordsmith ?

No, I'm a New Zealander. But I don't think there's enough of us to warrant a thread.

[edit] Hmm. I was once derisively called an 'East Tasmanian', but Google suggests this isn't a common euphemism.

Hey all- I'm an Adelaide person who likes long walks on the beach and 3 chord songs!

Adelaide for me too Smile

Down here in little old Melbourne (Travancore is part of what is Flemington - I am opposite the Flemington Primary school was is on the site of The Travancore estate so to the right up Mt Alexander Road before Ascot Vale is Travancore)

So many Adelaide peeps! I'm a Melbournian transplanted to Sydney. Everyone enjoying the chill? Good excuse to knuckle down and write though Wink