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Board Gamers Unite! Here’s how to play:

You comment on this thread. I send you a board game title with its Board Game Geek description. You write a song inspired by the board game and send us the link so we can listen and comment. Or just tag your creation “Game Night”. Bonus: locate a copy of this game and play with friends.

This sounds like fun. I'm in.

Ooh, I love this one. I'm in!


You get “The Crew”, a trick-taking cooperative game where you work as a team on increasingly complicated deductive missions in search of Planet Nine. To learn more about this game check out this Board Game Geek review. It is also available to play online on Board Game Arena.

I'll try it!


Your song will be about “Root”. (Here is its BGG description:

@Amanda Rose Riley

Your game is “Railroad Ink”. You can play it online at Board Game Arena (there are multiple versions available of this roll and write game).


@colgoo going to need to let this one simmer a bit. I've already got some ideas, but nothing that feels like it has more than a surface level connection to the game. I think research is in order, game ordered!

I had not heard of this game and it sounds like a lot of fun, thanks for the cue/suggestion.


The Crew is a fantastic game. One of my favorites. So enjoy that research!

This sounds interesting and potentially fun. I'd like to give this challenge a try.

I'm in!


I could not resist assigning you the game “Beyond the Sun”. Here is its BGG description:


Oh, I’ve got just the game for you. Compete with your fellow Italian farmers to create the best, most respected winery in “Viticulture”. This game is absolutely beautiful to play. You’re in luck, because you can try playing this online on Board Game Arena to get a feel for it. For more inspiration in writing your song:

Thank you!

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I'll take one!


Congratulations…you and your fellow survivors have created a sheltered community in this zombie apocalypse wasteland. Can you make it through the “Dead of Winter”?
Enjoy creating a song that captures this board game’s story arc.

I am in as well please!


You’ll be writing a song about “Arkham Horror”. Uncover the supernatural secrets of a fake New England town. For more about this game:

Can I play, please? Smile


Your game is “Great Western Trail”.

Maneuver your herds of cattle from Texas to Kansas City as safely and cost-effectively as you can. Yee-haw! Giddy-up, cowboy!

@colgoo - Thank you. Smile

Yes please! Smile


Your songwriting mission is to explore “Hey, That’s My Fish!” bringing the audience into the perils of melting ice bergs and unfair resource distribution. Must there always be a winner?

I’m in! Thanks for giving me a game @colgoo!


Rather than just reading the stories, play alongside your friends as you explore “Tales of The Arabian Nights”. This game combines storytelling and simulated adventure as you find yourself in the story and claim your destiny.

I'd like to give this a go, please!

I'd like to try this too!


Your game is “The Gallerist”. Bring in the best art, the best investors and just generally speaking, be the best. For more on this game:


Oh, you’ll love putting together this song. It is begging for some percussive wooden flicking sounds! Your assigned game is “Crokinole” and you can really learn a bunch about this game, not just on BGG: ( but also by learning about its origins on a wiki/Google search. Enjoy!

Thank you Colleen for the Game Challenge! This one was a lot of fun for me

Hi @colgoo
I'm interested in an assigned game to write a song Wink


Your assigned game is “Spirit Island” ( Magic, mysticism and powerful elements combine in this cooperative game where you and your table partners try to defend your island in this complex fantasy romp.

Finally wrote mine! Thanks for the challenge @colgoo

I would like a board game please.


Your board game is “A Feast for Odin”. Send your Viking ships out to collect supplies and pillage as you compete for dominion and glory.

I posted a song on my page, if You Want To Get To Valhalla, First You Have To Die
Thanks for a fun challenge @colgoo

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Fun challenge. I'll have to check out everyone else's in the next few days. Thanks @colgoo


Here's mine, I can't thank @colgoo enough for this one, I'm pretty proud of what I wrote.

Hi, I'd like to try this too please

@LyricSlinger….thanks for your patience!

Your game is Factory Fun!

This is not as easy as it looks! Connect your pipes and machinery for optimal input and output to have the most efficient and productive factory.

It took over two months, but it isn't easy getting all the way to the other side of the galaxy to find Planet Nine: