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It's hard right about now to continue listening. We all get fatigue. I start seeing the same names over and over again when I go to the songs page, and while I like all those people, sometimes my brain just needs something different. What are your strategies for getting past that "I don't want to listen to another song" syndrome? I have a bunch of strategies for choosing what to listen to. Sometimes I go through the Zongs and pick a bunch. Sometimes I go to my watchlist. Sometimes I just listen to the first five songs on the page. But when I'm feeling fatigue I go to the tag cloud. I look for interesting tags and I pick songs that way. I definitely find more songs that grab my attention that way than any other, and I also find musicians that, maybe because of time zones, I never really see otherwise.

I didn't know the tag cloud existed. You've hit the nail on the head regarding listening fatigue. I'm definitely going to check out the tag cloud when I get a chance

the Jukebox page pulls me out of habits.

Interesting premise and I get what you are saying, asking.

However, for me, this is the time I like the most since in fact ? the folks here "now", -- self evident, staying around, -- are the most "serious", so to speak. It would take allot to unpack, define all of what that means to me. However, I do comment it along the way. In some way, folks are more available too, since got all their stuff done +- .

So, that leads me to my "method", -- I try to develop a "watchlist" of folks who provide and seek explained, meaningful feedback and discussion. It's not just the feedback click, but the forums, soundboard or other of this.

What I've done, is now, -- after clicking through someone stuff, -- I leave them one "long" comment about "all" their work here, not 40 "sounds good like it" little ones. Ask if you want this, or anyone here, -- something to do, imo. Why not?
-- Now's a good time for that, if one does that, or seeks it. So far, it seems to be appreciated. I do try to evaluate that first, "if wanted", -- if I can since some folks really don't want long, aggregated feedback, or feedback only from their own long standing group of "watchlist" folks, friends list, so to speak; or to give it to them only as well, -- it's comfortable, status quo it seems? I get that. This is a diverse group that works well together. But I reach out every now and then anyway, -- risk has great rewards too. Now's the time for that, possibly.

Every session of FAWM5090 is different and renewed, -- wonderfully!
-- In the past all I had to do was filter tag "acoustic", or one-take, or cell-phone and fell into an aggregate of folks who wanted my feedback and to give it to me, regardless of genre or etc., -- and even if NOT in my genre, or possibly necessarily "liked" my stuff, "like not equaling good" as I've commented -- not liking opera, I know a good one when I hear it and detail why at length!

Now, onto what I get out of it, WIFM if I comment on others... I as well learn allot about me, and songwriting by analysing others work, so do it for that. It's why I don't get tired of it, -- my feedback is all about me not you? Crazy -- if that makes sense? I too, read and evaluate others commentary, -- and see if I concur, why/why not.

Online is the easiest place to dissapear, -- however folks may come to depend on you. Folks, many, may be here since in their area/region, -- these resources are just not there. I'm surrounded by "almost famous" semi-pro folks who for the most of it are useless for feedback. What I mean is, they'll say NOTHING. But, THEN, when their "group" of niche folks, someone starts to say "hey, I like that".... Smile .... you'll hear, "oh, I always love love loved your stuff!" ... Crazy yeah, OK. Total straingers 3 x zones away, not of your genre or background say they like your stuff and you can believe it... -- turns out, that does translate to "here" locally for a number of reasons.

So, I never "disappear", from an online associate, and suggest others accumulate them, not fade away or shift to an extreme pattern. (This IS a little bit of "work", not all fun Smile ) That kind of thing happens online, however/so, that loss/gain will show an accumulation over time, or come around to you at some point. Everything goes in cycles it seems, even online "karma" Smile