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A few of us had fun last year with

I think they're added some features since then, but it's still very easy to use, and it's pretty versatile if you explore everything. I've never used any other programs for chiptunes, so I don't know how it compares, but you don't have to download anything and it works great for beginners.

There's also LMMS at -- it's fully cross-platform supporting Linux, macOS and Windows. I've used it for the virtual instruments.

MilkyTracker has an Android port, but is an older generation of tracker.

There are a lot of other free "trackers" as this type of music application predates DAWs.

I have never tried writing a chiptune, but that thing is totally cool, @simpleiscomplex. Smile

Edit: I just tried it. Much fun! I'm sure this is awfully amateur, but what the hey!

Edit edit: Hm. Can't seem to make the link work...

Checked these out. It's pretty cool. I've never done a chiptune song before but I'm interested now. Someone should put a chiptune challenge together in the challenge forum.

I made a beepbox challenge thread. If you post a song that uses beepbox, tag it #beepbox.

This is so cool! Thanks for sharing this Smile

Thanks @simpleiscomplex, I wrote 2 with beepbox last year - used it as a backing track when I couldn't get to my guitar! Brilliant tool and gave me some ideas I wouldn't have had otherwise.