Free online course on "Critical Listening for Studio Production"

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You may remember last year that Queen's University Belfast announced that they would be running a free online course on Critical Listening for Studio Production. I signed up, but the course never materialised...

Until now!

They have now announced that it will start on Sept 12th.

Thank you! signed up! Smile

Thanks, I will be signing up too. I've actually already taken a few courses like this one through coursera. However, I always like this topic so I am in. Below is a list of things this course covers that I have not seen in the other courses I've taken.

diplomatic people skills
the ability to listen

I think this is an introduction to audio processing including the use of EQ, Compression, and the how to make audio decisions within the mix.

Heck YES! I was so bummed they didn't have it last year. Stoked!

Hey thanks Chris! I am currently enrolled in the Berklee Musicianship course. I would like that one too.

Hey thanks @headfirstonly, the more I learn about recording the more I need to know, so I signed up to learn how to mix the snot out of more songs. Good timing too since it will start at the end of 5090 when I plan to resume my DIY recording project.

Signed up too Smile

I'll be there too. I'm eager for this kind of knowledge and had enrolled the last time around also. Thanks, Chris!

OK, looks interesting... so, we'll see.

Was there ever a curriculum outline to review prior to opening? (Not to important, just nice when exists...)

sorry. Posted something in the wrong place, disregard Smile

okay, I procrastinated starting this until 5090 over. I am now starting at week 1. Who else is in?

Hi Andy, I'm in, also Tom (zxcvbnm at FAWM) and Iveg. The lectures give a good overview and background but the ear training part probably the most helpful part for me. Its 's really good but also quite frustrating cause it's a pretty high level for an online class. I understand now why EQ never helped me to improve the sound of my recordings, I just don't listen properly and hear the subtle differences.

We're chatting a bit about the class here

I'm about half-way through week four at the moment. Those listening tests aren't easy, are they? I've found I'm a lot better at judging position in the mix than I am frequency ranges or amounts of boost and cut, but I'm definitely improving.

I had to skip it this time around. I do not have means to really listen well to anything right now. I'll catch it next time! Smile

Other than "here", didn't know it/course started. Glad it came up the list here : )

--- I jumped in a few days ago.

Since folks are commenting reaction(s):
I think it's very cool the tests to see if one can ID the frequency, the "root" frequency, etc. If you keep at it, you will hear an instrument out of tune and be able to tell'em what string, etc. The guitars tuned to "self" -- are interesting : )
(I had no idea what the course was going to be.)

However, if you dive into it, "over the top", with this, --you can regret it too. I won't get into it, but, there is a down side here for being "good" at it. Mainstream radio may start to really sound "bad", --I haven't "played" : ) the radio in years.

Anyway, --I hope to go through at my own pace if remains open to do so, just to do it.

My, "imo", is, for "here" is, --- if you get to know "your" stuff and can improve your demos, great.

E.g. know your "room noise" and go right to it every track and "Notch" that down, while tweeking a, e.g., low-ended Guitar that's wonky, and know to boost the timbre on your Vocal in that frequency, --all good. You'll reduce your demo time to 1/10 th of what it took. You'll just know to "Compress" this amount and "Reverb" another, --all *slight, and done.

What, e.g. guitar player don't realize ? (and not "taught"), is you never hear YOUR guitar as others do. I even drilled holes in the top side walls of one to better "hear" it, etc. Live sound never seems to sound the same, recorded. So, you learn to have it sound more like it "sounds", rather than, "effects" it out. And, we all hear our own voices in our own heads, -- through bone and muscle, not as others hear it. Or, so we think. We need to try to "hear" it as others do, and the *Timbres folks "like" and why. That's the more meaningful commenting element that came up, past weeks in some forums, --"like it, why?".) Generally, I've found, what I like, --others do too. Unless, they just like other kinds of music. (Oh well... : ) (The best commenter's can comment on "any" style and be "correct", -- don't have to "like" it, to be helpful. )

--- I think that context goal is over looked or not realized, (in a course like "this?), in general; and is helpful to consider, --why do the course, really?

This course is HARD. Even after practice the tests are difficult for me. Why do the course? Because it forces me to listen more carefully than I normally do. It forces me to think about sound in a way I don't normally think. We'll see if it helps my music. Been too busy to record.

Here's a place to practice, play around with EQ (Compression to come) and challenge yourself with a listening test: Audio Essentials by Berklee and isotope