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Here is a Help link
to the 50/90 page with various tips for Mail 1 forum posts and the list of textual emojis that are replaced by graphic Biggrin Good Music 2

I wondered about how to find the emojis. After your post, I went and wrote a post full of them, but then I deleted it. It's best that I avoid the emojis altogether - could get out of hand.
Also, I had gardening on the mind, and when I first saw the thread title, I thought it had something to do with compost.

Thank you for posting this. Graphical smileys are so much fun! Dance 4

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@Chip Withrow I was once chastised in a chat group for not using emojis to convey my intended feeling, Bad so I now use them a bit, probably more on my phone than on the computer. Makes sense somewhat since studies indicate that words alone are less than ten percent of communication and emojis can relay a bit of the body language and tone/inflection ninety percent. I had seen this question in another 50/90 forum post but couldn't find the page at the time. Later I found it in my bookmarks so thought it would be worthy of its own thread. Good